Watch: Judge Chases Down Inmates Who Attempt To Escape

Don’t let the robes and the courtroom jargon fool you — judges these days are really about that justice life.

Like Lewis County Judge R.W. Buzzard who took off his robe to chase down two handcuffed inmates who made a run for it from his Washington state courtroom. According to the Daily Chronicle, it was 22-year-old Tanner Jacobson and 28-year-old Kodey Howard who bolted for the door and down a stairwell during their hearing.

Jacobson was in the lead bounding down the four flights of stairs, but the judge closed in on Howard. The judge grabbed him just as he was about to exit the courthouse. Authorities apprehended Jacobson a few blocks away.

Both Jacobson and Howard have been hit with a felony charge of second-degree escape.

Got ‘Eeeem: Washington Judge Chases Down Inmates Who Try To Escape Courtroom [Video]