Music Profession Myth #1: You cannot make it if you happen to be older than a particular age.

Reality: Firms and bands who are thriving never concentrate on age. There are tons of qualified musicians 30 and older in all elements of the enterprise. Your age only matters if you make it matter.

The music sector functions just the very same as any other enterprise. You can turn into thriving at any age as lengthy as you have a robust perform ethic, dedication and a lot of worth to supply.

Discover what the music sector seeks in musicians and commence strengthening these expertise (much more described on this in a moment). This is what attracts men and women in the sector to you.

Music Profession Myth #two: Fans never obtain music any much more.

Reality: Fans do acquire music these days, but old enterprise models for promoting it do not perform. To sell music to your fans (and make great funds), you will have to:

1. Know how the sector functions ideal now (rather than how it worked decades ago).

two. Believe creatively and outdoors the box. This will assistance you discover new approaches to sell your music to fans.

Music Profession Myth #three: Prior to you can make a profession, you will have to turn into an great musician.

Reality: There is a lot much more to becoming a wonderful pro musician than just obtaining “wonderful musical expertise”. A lot of musicians in the music sector are not higher level guitarists, singers, and so forth… and lots of very talented musicians by no means make thriving music careers.

What you have to have to find out right here: perform on each your musical expertise and other elements of your music profession at the very same time.

Note: Becoming a pro musician does not call for going to university. Going to college for music only assists you make your musical expertise. Carrying out this will not assistance you develop a profession in music. There are tons of men and women who get music degrees and by no means make great funds in music.

You can also discover lots of other powerful approaches to turn into a greater musician other than going to university. Taking lessons with a virtuoso guitar teacher will assistance you master the instrument considerably more quickly.

Query: “But Tom Hess, what if I get a degree in music enterprise?”

Answer: Professors who teach music enterprise typically are not thriving in the music sector. They are just educators. They teach you about the music sector, but not how to develop a profession in the music sector. For instance, in classes for music enterprise you may find out how contracts are created, how tours get promoted and how royalties perform. This information and facts is great to know, but it will not assistance you:

*Basically get a record deal of your personal.

*Go on a tour that tends to make funds.

*Get bargains for publishing your music.

*Join the band you want to be in.

*Earn a substantial revenue via music.

*Sustain accomplishment in your music profession for a lengthy time.

You achieve these types of final results by functioning collectively with a music profession mentor who has currently accomplished enormous accomplishment.

Music Profession Myth #four. You have to have to reside in a “music city” to be thriving.

Reality: This is a incredibly dated myth that is not accurate. It is not the city that matters, it is YOU.

You can perform collectively with music firms who reside incredibly far away from you. Discover the principles that develop thriving music careers and reside by them in your personal profession. This leads you to accomplishment regardless of your place.

Music Profession Myth #five. You have to have great connections to attain accomplishment.

Reality: Connections frequently do not lead down the path of music profession accomplishment. If I introduced you to the lead singer of your favourite band, would this do a lot for you? Not probably… unless:

1. You have tons of worth to supply above most other musicians.

two. You have created a reputation in the music enterprise for getting a person who is loyal, tough-functioning, and trustworthy although also obtaining a robust mindset for enterprise. Folks in the music sector WILL inspect your reputation prior to they commence functioning with you in any capacity.