Numerous are swift to point the finger at Trump for what is taking place in the USA. The rise of White Supremacy, the challenging-line against migrants, the decline of energy, the anger and discontent about his appointments, and so on. He is also altering a lot of items that will take decades to undo if and when he is deposed. But the query is not about what he is carrying out but why and who elected him?

Weeks ahead of he was elected somebody asked me if he would be effective. My answer was ‘yes’. This was primarily based on not what is recognized about him by me as significantly as what is recognized about prophecies in the Old Testament.

There is a program in location that has brought him to energy just as it is functioning on the rest of the planet to influence alterations all through all nations. From he starting of human progress it has worked behind the scenes even though it has been ignored by religious leaders, governments, and societies.

How then can this program succeed unless there is a mighty energy behind it? The information are that there is such a force and it is the Terrific Spirit of the Universe. It is as major as all of the universal space and it is in every single component of it. Ignorance and a enjoy of man-created laws and systems have hidden it effectively, just as that was also component of the program.

“For God has poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes” notes the Spirit in Isaiah 29:10. “And the vision of all (humanity) is turn out to be unto you as the words of a book that is sealed (bible)” (ibid:11)

With this in thoughts the program was also laid out for these who can see and hear to know. Only now even though we are in the final phase of life on earth has the Spirit selected to clarify and reveal it.

Trump is component of that revelation. His ignorance, lies, and turning of items upside down, is waking men and women up. What is taking place elsewhere with China, Syria, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, and so forth., is bringing men and women to their senses. The turmoil of climate adjust, increasing sea levels, and the escalating migrations of masses of men and women is shaking the planet as practically nothing else could. Now comes the culmination of all that has gone ahead of.

“I am broken with their whorish heart… with their eyes which go a whoring soon after their idols… for the evils… committed in all their abominations… And they shall know that I am God, and that I have not mentioned in vain that I would do this evil unto them.” Ezekiel six:9,10

So never blame Trump for what has come upon the planet. No 1 has the energy to adjust God’s program and no 1 is higher than the Spirit.