Electric Slide Songs


As the years and numerous gatherings have passed by, numerous electric slide songs had been applied and found as nicely. Having said that, there had been classic electric slide songs which had been popular prior to and are nonetheless popular now. This post will give you some thought of which songs to use to accompany your electric dance efficiency or for any other purposes associated to the electric slide.

The initially amongst the electric slide songs (and most likely the most well known) is Electric Boogie which was sang by Marcia Griffith and written by Bunny Wailer on 1982. This song was developed beneath Griffith’s album named Carousel. When the official music video was released in 1990, it featured quite a few simple electric dance methods which is most likely the cause why men and women started applying it to accompany their electric dances as nicely. Considering the fact that then, this song became a quite well known celebration music throughout weddings and any other social gatherings.

Candy is the electric dance song popular in the UK. It was sung by Cameo and was recorded and released in 1986 and 1987, respectively. Considering the fact that Candy was released, it quickly topped the R&B charts in the UK and was incorporated in the US Hot 100 songs for 1987. Written by two song writers, Larry Blackmon and Tomi Jenkins, the song “Candy” is a clash in between two genres, RnB and Funk. It is a entertaining electric song due to its delighted beat, relaxing rhythm and series of counting that matching the counts involved in electric dance as nicely.

Yet another well known song is KC and The Sunshine Band’s “That is the way (I like it)”. Even though not generally applied to accompany electric dance (since it could be applied for any other dance methods as nicely), the song offers a very good rhythm for your electric slide methods. This was written by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch and was released in 1975. Possibly you have currently heard this song – it is so popular it is becoming sang by distinctive planet artists throughout concerts and performances. This song was also incorporated in the US billboard Hot 100 the very same year it was launched and is one particular of these songs that have stayed quantity one particular a lot more than when. Counting is quite vital when you assume of electric slide songs, make certain your song matches the counting and beating of your electric dance methods.

If you want to attempt other songs, I recommend:

-The Hey Song Rock and Roll Aspect II by Gary Glitter
-Tuff Enuff by The Fabulous Thunderbirds
– Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top rated

Contemporary songs might also be a very good option. Having said that, not all of them might match the dance methods so if you are adamant on settling for modern songs, then select the songs that are close to the counting, beating and rhythm of the songs I recommended. If you are confused of exactly where to start off your search, you might want to verify out the songs beneath funk, reggae, pop and r&b genres.


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