So… you want to be in the music company? There are a lot of you out there. I know this simply because I personal a music PR firm and just about every time we place out a contact for interns or jobs, we get someplace among 100 – 250 resumes. As soon as upon a time, I was just like you- dying to adhere to my passion and aggressively attempting to land a job in the sector of my dreams. It was a humbling and, at instances, humiliating workout so this dear young aspiring music company mogul is for you. Interns are a lot necessary in just about every facet of the sector, and most of my music sector buddies (myself integrated) began out as unpaid interns back in their day and we leveraged our unpaid internships into paying jobs.

If you reside in or close to New York or LA, this guide will be quick to adhere to step by step. But if you never, do not fret. You will be amazed at how several compact music providers are thriving in virtually just about every city and state.

Policy note – Due to policies, bigger providers want to employ only students enrolled in college searching to get credit. So, if your internship is not for credit, verify just before you get your heart set on a position you could not be certified to fill.

YOUR Very first LESSON

TWO WORDS THAT APPLY TO Each and every MUSIC Sector Connected INTERNSHIP: NO Spend

I know you are spending a fortune to go to college but right here is the reality – 99.9% of all music company internships are unpaid. I know it does not look fair but the truth is there are so several individuals searching to get began that payment is not generally presented. So if generating funds is on your aim list, you will want to get a second job to feed your passion about music. Do not let a tiny issue like funds retain you from your dream.

OK, so now that you know you will be functioning for absolutely free and likely paying your college to get credit – so essentially you will be paying to perform – make it one thing you want to do!

STEP A single: Recognize YOUR Places OF INTEREST

Search your thoughts. Ask your self what aspect of the music company do you want to be in? Is it Marketing and advertising, Radio, Publicity, On line Marketing and advertising, Touring, or A&R? You could not know the answer to this query however and that is alright. You are not supposed to know till you get some encounter in a distinct location. BUT if you never specify what you are searching to attempt, the individuals in charge of hiring you will have NO CLUE exactly where you will match or how they can match you into their company. So getting a list of basic places of interest is a necessity.

To get a functioning know-how of what distinct components of the music sector are readily available, right here are two ideas:

1. Invest in All You Want To Know About the Music Business enterprise by Donald Passman. This fabulous book is nevertheless soon after all these years the bible of the Music Business enterprise, and it will give you a terrific breakdown of the important positions and the basic all round makeup of the sector as a complete. Just leaf by way of – you never have to study the complete issue cover to cover.

two. Do On line analysis. There are numerous articles readily available advising musicians how do tackle their personal careers. So to do your analysis, place your self in the artist’s footwear and get started surfing and finding out! If the articles resonate with you and look fascinating than you have discovered a excellent match.

Make a list of three-four places that you can perform in (if you only have 1 that is OK also!).

Basic Music Sector Categories

Huge Record Label (i.e. Sony, Warner Music, Universal, and so on.)

Specify a division:




Marketing and advertising


Radio Station

Specify a division:

On Air




Marketing and advertising Firm – There are several genres inside:

Street Marketing and advertising

On line Marketing and advertising

Tour Marketing and advertising

Specialty / Way of life Marketing and advertising

Little Record Label (you likely will not want to specify division)

Publicity Firm

Management Organization

Booking Agency

Radio Promotions Organization

Music Venue

Concert Promoter

Production Studio

Publishing Organization

Film & Television Licensing

Music Web-site – Excellent for techies or writers or designers

Music Magazine / Webzine – Excellent for aspiring journalists


Study as a lot as you can in your selected field. Once again, consider like a musician. There are a million sources readily available for musicians that list providers that assistance assistance them, and they all have internet websites that clearly show what they do and who their clientele are.

If you adore a precise band or artist, appear up whom they perform with and place these providers on your list simply because absolutely nothing is additional thrilling and satisfying than functioning for your Favored artists and bands (I nevertheless get a thrill out of that and I’ve been functioning in the music sector for 14 years).


Subsequent, produce the MOST Remarkable resume you can place collectively. There are several internet websites, books, and even your profession counseling workplace at college that can instruct you on how to do this so I am not going to get into a lot detail right here. But please heed this tips:

Be Concise – 1 web page only

Be Detailed – What did you DO at your preceding jobs that are listed? These need to express your talents.

Be Exciting – Consist of private touches and hobbies or particular interests

Tip – the music company tends to be a bit additional informal, so you have a tiny bit additional area to play with your resume and make your character shine by way of additional than you would on a “corporate” resume.

STEP 4: Suggestions RULE

This subsequent piece of tips is a tiny bit non-regular as nicely…I contact the initial individuals that have terrific reference letters in for interviews initial!

Contact an old employer, a professor, or a particular person in your life who can create you a spectacular recommendation letter. If you can ask the particular person writing the letter to mention strengths that will be cohesive with the job, you want this. It will truly make you stand out.


Now that you have your list, there are 3 areas you can go:

Straight to the providers of your dreams that you have found – in these instances, they could not be marketing for interns so you want to cold contact and ask initial if they would look at accepting a resume (be excited and inform the truth that you discovered out about their firm and you would adore to be regarded as). Then ask to whom the resume need to be addressed.

Internet sites exactly where employers post for interns – We use EntertaimentCareers.net, and at any provided time there are a lot of internships readily available on it.

Your college’s profession workplace (Do not count on them as your key resource – my ideal interns discovered me by searching on-line).


By no means EVER send a resume without the need of a cover letter. It really is completely unprofessional.

Consist of the NAME, ADDRESS, Organization NAME, and INDIVIDUAL’S NAME on every single cover letter, and CUSTOMIZE every single letter FOR THAT Particular Organization. Yes, this will take longer but it will also get you outcomes. If it is not clear Contact and politely ask!

Note: Out of the 150 resumes I just received on my final round of hirings, only 3 individuals place my firm name on the cover letter and wrote “Dear Ms. Hyatt”. And

100% of all of these letters described in the initial paragraph that the candidate had great communication expertise – and I believed are you kidding me??? If you are so great at communicating, how come my name was not described As soon as? The letters that truly annoyed me and produced me under no circumstances want to meet the candidate had been the letters that mentioned “Dear Sir” (I am a lady) or “Dear HR Dept” or even additional gross: “Dear Hiring Committee” (I am the only 1 that tends to make choices at my firm about hiring, 25 seconds on my web page would teach you that).

Mention some points that relate straight to the firm you are applying to – the names of the artists, your passion about what it is they do, how you became interested in music, and so on.

Please for the adore of sweet God above Do not create any of the following lines:

“I have great communication expertise.”

“I have loved music for as extended as I can bear in mind, because the day I was born.”

“I think I am the ideal match for your firm (unless you say WHY).”

“My substantial background in music…” OK, if you are below the age of 25 you Do not have an substantial background (an substantial background is 10 years or additional).

DO create the following lines (if they are not the truth of course never create these!):

“I have been a fan of (artist’s name this firm operates with right here) because (year/concert you attended, and so on.).”

“I have constantly wanted to study about (company’s specialty right here) and a position at your firm would give me just that chance.”

” I have (the true #) of buddies on (MySpace/Facebook/Bebo/any other cool social networking web-site right here”

If you are applying to a marketing and advertising or PR firm that requires an on-line space, HIGHLIGHT how several MySpace and/or Facebook buddies you have, and if you are on other new social networking web pages or on Second Life. This could be your golden ticket! Everybody likes a nicely-connected intern. It really is a massive asset!

“I have currently had some encounter with (booking, advertising, and so on), and would adore to expand on what I have currently discovered at (college, from volunteering and so on.).”


Most of these internet websites give you an interface to go by way of and you submit your resume straight to them by way of the World wide web. Certainly do this and IN ADDITION if you can fax or mail in your resume, I very propose you do this as nicely (bear in mind to address with a precise person’s name!).


Back to my 150 candidates from this previous month – NOT A single named to adhere to up to see if I had received the resume! This not only mystified me but also annoyed me to no finish.

So – a couple of days soon after you send the resume, Contact to adhere to up! This is a terrific way to stand out in the crowd simply because NO A single ELSE IS CALLING – trust me, I know.

Even if the web page says “never contact us, we’ll contact you” you need to contact and politely ask if your resume was received simply because 100% of everybody I know in the music company is so busy that they never have time to constantly adhere to up with the deluge of resumes. This could be a missed chance to land a job!


So, you followed my methods and you got an interview set up? Fantastic!

If you get 3 or 4 interviews, go to the 1 that you are least interested in Very first to sharpen your interview expertise.

THE DAY OF – Contact initial to confirm your interview. It really is skilled and a terrific way to stand out.

Be 10 minutes early (not additional), and bear in mind the music company is casual so a 3-piece suit is very discouraged. I recommend company casual.

Bring a book or a magazine in case you have to wait.

Bring two copies of your resume, cover letter, and recommendation letter as nicely as some writing samples (if applicable – even if it really is a paper you wrote about the music company). This is fascinating and it sets you apart once again!

Do not be afraid to ask concerns like What does a common internship encompass right here? or Do you have some precise projects I could possibly be functioning on?

With most internship interviews I do, I constantly have to ask: Do you have any concerns? And it constantly leaves a weird taste in my mouth if they have NONE – even if you ask how several days the firm is expecting interns to perform and what the hours would be. At least you are establishing a dialog! I recommend preparing two-three in-depth concerns that you have researched by searching on-line at this precise firm and come ready!


The smaller sized the firm, the additional perform you will likely finish up carrying out and the additional encounter you will get – it really is just the nature of the beast.

If you never like the particular person that interviews you, Do not take the job – trust your instincts!

Do not ask if the internship will turn into a paid position. You are in charge of becoming the most great intern that they ever had. This will lead to a job but initial you have to prove your self!

STEP TEN: Often Adhere to UP!!!

Even if you HATED the interview, Often send a thank you e mail to adhere to up (or superior however a CARD!) to say thanks for taking the time to interview me! If you truly enjoyed the interview, SAY SO and WHY. And never be afraid to say “soon after meeting you I am even additional convinced that I would like to perform with you!” Flattery WILL get you (virtually everywhere).

I hope that these strategies turn into a winning internship encounter, and I would adore to hear from you and discover out how this guide worked for you – please e mail me at talkback [AT] arielpublicity.com

I could even publish your story!