How To Sell Rock Songs


If you've written a rock song and want to earn earnings from it, right here's how to sell your rock song!

Several Techniques to Earn

Turn on the radio, stroll via a division shop, watch Television. Rock songs that earn earnings are seemingly everywhere! Just some of these sources of earnings for your song consist of:

  • Downloads direct from your personal web page
  • Downloads via second celebration websites like iTunes.
  • CD sales by distributors
  • CD sales at reside events
  • Film royalties
  • Cable tv royalties
  • Airplay Royalties from rock radio stations
  • ASCAP / BMI / SESAC earnings from reside band licenses
  • Mechanical Royalties on cover versions
  • Overseas Royalties
  • Marketing use charges

So You've Written a Rock Song, Now What?

What do you want to do to sell your rock tune? The 1st choice you'll want to make is regardless of whether you will self-publish and hold 100% of the royalties from your song or if you'll let your song to be represented by a music publishing organization and let them deal with the promotion and / or the licensing and collections paperwork.

Subsequent, you'll want to have either a demonstration recording (aka "a demo") produced for pitching your song to rock music publishers, producers and record corporations, or if you're self publishing then you'll want to employ a producer to make a master recording or have a restricted release CD produced containing your song (s).

A master can double as your demo but the expense is a lot larger. If you can afford it and unquestionably intend to exploit the copyright oneself it may perhaps be the ideal investment.

If you only have lyrics, no melody, mainly because you do not create music then you'll want to have a melody and chord arrangement written. You can not get about this the only "industry folks" who assessment lyrics are identified as "song sharks" and they'll be glad to take your funds but they have a horrible reputation in the legalimate music planet. They'll by no means get you a hit and worse, your song will forever be tainted by your association with them. Practically all demo solutions will create music for a charge below a "work for employ" agreement that lets you hold all rights.

Promoting Your Song Outright For Money, A Terrible Concept

You are reading this to discover out how to sell your song, proper? However songwriting may perhaps be a higher earnings money organization but it's not speedy. It's illegal to sell songs outright to any one, even music publishers. Specially music publishers! Why? Due to the fact back in the 40's and 50's struggling songwriters have been starving and promoting their songs for ridiculously tiny amounts, in some circumstances just ten or fifteen dollars. The song publishers who bought them produced millions whilst the songwriters continued to starve.

To rectify this invalidice Congress passed laws that avoid the outright sale of a song and in the end sentenced in songwriters benefiting from the a number of payment streams they now delight in. Music Publishers these days have entirely cleaned up their act. Their organization is now modeled about getting a lot more of a mentor and agent to songwriters with each parties sharing in the funds the song generates.

Yes, you can assign your publishing rights and tap into the earnings streams obtainable, but you can not sell the copyright or your songwriting share of the rights.

That covers the fundamentals of How To Sell Your Rock Songs. Hopefully it puts you on the path to acquiring a qualified demo produced, signing your song with a music publisher who gets you a enormous it and you delight in royalties from your efforts for years to come!


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