A lot of musicians are actually throwing their revenue down the drain.

I am not speaking about that amazing new guitar pedal you just purchased… as an alternative I am speaking about Facebook increase posts.

I know that Facebook increase posts are preferred and a lot of musicians are employing them but they are essentially not the finest way for you to market your music.

And your essentially wasting your revenue and not acquiring every thing that you spend for.

There is two factors why you want to use a Facebook ad to market your music.

The very first is naturally to get oneself in front of as several persons as probable.

But the second purpose is to start off collecting information and statistics about how your advertisements are undertaking. You also want to start off producing your personal custom lists inside of Facebook of persons who are interacting with your advertisements and could be prospective fans.

When you use a increase post you do not get these alternatives to make custom lists and see the in depth information and analytics.

So you are essentially spending revenue and only acquiring half of what you spend for.

Even worse if you do not set up custom lists inside Facebook you shed the potential to attain back out to persons who interacted with your ad.

So lets say you are advertising a music video you cannot attain back out to persons who watched 50% or a lot more of your video. And these are persons who are most likely to develop into true fans if you take time to develop your connection with them.

The way to properly run Facebook advertisements is to make a Small business Facebook account. It is entirely free of charge and requires about two minutes to set up. Then you can make you ad campaigns and advertisements inside of the Small business manager and get access to all the information and custom lists.

And after you have these custom lists made THEN and ONLY then can you use a increase post to attain back out to these smaller sized groups of persons. Perhaps with a Facebook reside or an ad to market a new album or single.

So please! Cease wasting your difficult earned money on Facebook increase posts. Go set up a company Facebook account and take more than the planet! It is free of charge, uncomplicated and if your aim is to develop significant, engaged fanbase, it will assistance you a lot.

If you want to develop your fanbase, develop your connection with fans, and sell your music with an on line technique.