55. Munich Security Conference

Ivanka Trump has in no way worked for any one other than her father or herself. Even her personal brand is develop on the Trump name, with the funds and connections she has from getting Donald Trump’s daughter. Even when she was collecting a paycheck from NBC, she was nonetheless just operating for Daddy Dearest. She was often going to be a Marie Antoinette figure in the Trump saga, so it is often painful to see how blissfully and complicitly out-of-touch she actually is. Ivanka thinks she can speak to operating class interests, and she thinks she knows what the prevalent peasant actually desires. When asked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s strategy to assure a living wage, Ivanka child-whispered this to Fox News:

“I do not consider most Americans, in their heart, want to be offered some thing. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling about this nation more than the final 4 years. Men and women want to perform for what they get…. This notion of a assured minimum is not some thing most people today want. They want the capability to be capable to safe a job. They want the capability to reside in a nation where’s there’s the possible for upward mobility.”

[From Market Watch]

Americans do not “want to be offered some thing,” like… a fair paycheck? Does Ivanka even have an understanding of that a assured living wage is not just handed out to a person for current, they would essentially have to carry out a job? Of course she knows that: she operates sweatshops about the globe. She knows the slaves who perform for her do not just want to be Offered some thing. Ivanka is a peasant-whisperer, how dare you recommend that this complicit bitch does not have an understanding of the topic.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Donald Trump credited Ivanka for some thing. He mentioned: “My daughter has produced millions of jobs. I do not know if any one knows that, but she’s produced millions of jobs.” How? Had been these jobs in Asian sweatshops?

55. Munich Security Conference

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