The Custard Television Podcast is the Television podcast for Television lovers from Television obsessives. This week Luke and Matt are joined by Sophie Davies to critique the return Alan Partridge to the BBC with This Time With Alan Partridge. New comedy Warren. Netflix Original The Umbrella Academy and new drama on W referred to as Flack.

As a guest on the show, Sophie requires on the ultimate Television Quiz in ‘BoxMaster’ and we speak about the most disappointing spin off’s 

00:11.41  Assessment – Flack – Episode 1 (W)
00:18.26 Assessment – The Umbrella Academy –  Episode 1 (NETFLIX)
00:25.24- Assessment – Warren – Episode 1  (BBC1, BBC iPlayer)
00:33.50 – Assessment – This Time With Alan Partridge – Episode 1  (BBC1, BBC iPlayer)
00:45.00 – BoxMaster – The Ultimate Television Quiz

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