Former Trump personal lawyer, Michael Cohen testifies on Capitol Hill

So substantially went down for the duration of Michael Cohen’s day-lengthy testimony just before the Home Oversight Committee, it would be complicated to even attempt to do complete highlights. Suffice to say, I came away with many feelings/thoughts. Regardless of my belief that Cohen was absolutely nothing extra than a mob lawyer, he showed that he in fact has a improved grasp of the law than most of Donald Trump’s DOJ appointments. Cohen was ready and he spoke cautiously at instances, conscious of what he did not have direct expertise of and what subjects have been probably ongoing investigations. But something he had direct expertise of or was witness to, all of that was fair game. And he had a lot to say. I was also struck by how the sad, pathetic Republicans truly had no approach other to whine and scream about how Cohen is a liar. Like they and their president are globe-renowned for their honesty.

Here’s a highlight video, there are tons of other highlights on YouTube:

A couple of other fascinating moments… he stated Trump thinks his son Don Jr. is a moron. Eric Trump is fundamentally the ghost kid of the Trump household, barely offered any duties (which is almost certainly a excellent point for Eric). Ivanka is in it up to her neck, specially with the Moscow Project. Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Org CFO, also got name-checked A LOT. Cohen also produced it repeatedly clear that he has basic awareness of many investigations about Donald Trump, at least 1 of which we do not even know about.

There have been a lot of fascinating “takes” on Cohen’s testimony and the Republican approach inside the Home Oversight Committee, and I guess your take is dependent on your individual politics. I believed the Republicans looked foolish, treasonous and incapable of bare-bones logic. Cohen was a man who much less than a year ago worked for the RNC. They’re not mad that he’s an admitted liar, they’re mad that he stopped lying to cover up for Trump. And we didn’t even get to the portion exactly where they applied a black lady – a Trump administration employee – as a prop, then Mark Meadows cried about it when he was known as out for working with the lady as a prop. Meadows believed THAT was the genuine racism, when he was known as out for his personal racist trickery.

Former Trump personal lawyer, Michael Cohen testifies on Capitol Hill

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