Comedy favourite Dawn French is set to star in new ITV drama Glass Homes. The show follows French’s character Maggie Connors in the weeks following a inform-all radio broadcast.

Dawn French is to star in a new ITV drama about the nosy resident of a modest coastal town, according to reports.

Glass Homes also stars other familiar faces Julie Hesmondhalgh and Patrick Robinson alongside Mark Heap and Vicki Pepperdine.

Six hour-extended episodes will go into production on place in South Devon this spring.

French plays a character known as Maggie Connors who is interviewed by a nearby radio station and provides far a lot more detail – and embellishment – about the locals and their individual lives than she should really.

In the days and weeks following the broadcast, Maggie sees the effect of how her public gossiping impacts locals in the town.

Friday Evening Dinner star Heap plays Maggie’s headmaster husband Peter and Coronation Street’s Hesmondhalgh is Maggie’s very best buddy Jill. Pepperdine is college secretary Karen.

Even though billed as drama, the series has been commissioned by ITV’s comedy controller Saskia Schuster. The broadcaster not too long ago cancelled its final remaining comedies.

Schuster mentioned: ‘Glass Homes is a new drama in the tradition of Doc Martin and The Darling Buds Of Could, complete of warmth and intriguing characters.  This new series will embrace its stunning idyllic South Devon setting as we meet the villagers of Thurlbury and obtain out how an innocent afternoon spent indiscreetly gossiping has a domino impact on the complete village.’

French added: ‘It’s such a very good story with a amazing funny, touching script by Mark Brotherhood.  Let me at it!’