Ex NFL Star Adam “Pacman” Jones Arrested For Public Intoxication At Casino, Accused of Cheating Table

On Wednesday, former NFL Pro-Bowler, Pacman Jones (actual name Adam Jones) was reportedly arrested in an Lawrenceburg, Indiana Casino for public intoxication, intimidation, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Jones remained in custody into Thursday morning and is anticipated to seem in Ohio County court Thursday afternoon, according to police and jail records.

In the course of a card game at the casino, Indiana Gaming agents investigated a complaint of cheating at a table amongst midnight and three a.m. Gaming agents say Jones “immediately became verbally combative and disorderly,” according to reports.

Jones’ Lawyer, Del Weldon, of Pillar Law Group LLP in Lawrenceburg, has released a statement on behalf of Adam Jones on Wednesday evening:

Adam was gaming at a table set up by his casino host with his buddies, as he has carried out several instances prior to. He was approached by gaming agents and falsely accused of cheating. He was arrested merely for reacting in the way any of us would. No one particular desires to be named a cheat, and we all have a proper to stand up for ourselves. There is no purpose he need to be forced to sit in jail this lengthy on mere allegations. He need to be household proper now with his family members, as he is presumed innocent in the eyes of the law.

Weldon continues, asking for equal therapy for the former NFLer,

We are confident that we will be treated relatively tomorrow in court so Adam can be released and we can commence to show what actually occurred final evening. His charges need to not be elevated or improved just for the reason that of who he is. Justice need to be blind and we need to all be treated equally by the law. I would ask every person not to rush to judgment, the details will show that Adam was not in the incorrect.

As previously reported in the summer time of 2018, Jones was involved in a altercation with an Atlanta airport Employee. According to police, Jones was walking by way of the airport when ABM employee, Frank Ragin, produced a gesture towards him. When Jones confronts him about it, the two engage in a verbal altercation. Ragin then charges towards Jones, punching him prior to an all-out fight breaks out.

Jones, who turned 35 at the finish of September has played for a quantity of NFL teams such as the Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals. Most lately, Jones signed with the Broncos in late August. Later , he became a absolutely free agent at the get started of the new league year soon after the Bengals announced they declined an choice in his contract for the 2018 season.

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