A taut, tight episode 1.five of Project Blue Book – might be my preferred so far – in which Hynek and Quinn chase down numbers and radio broadcasts and the mysterious Fuller, who meets his finish by self-immolation.  Harding – additional about the Basic beneath – thinks somebody set off the kill switch in Fuller’s head.  We know that Hynek did – unintentionally – by displaying Fuller the diagram.

We also find out that there is a group of pilots – the Foo Fighters, from which the episode gets its title – who saw strange factors in the sky in 1944.   They now think they are in touch with the added-terrestrials, a belief which Hynek (not Quinn this time), dispels.  Good touch obtaining Hynek becoming the one particular to shoot down incorrect beliefs about UFOs.   I also liked the achievable commencing of seduction of Quinn by Susie the blond Soviet spy.

But let’s get back to Harding.  Here’s his image.  You inform me: does not he appear like an alien?  If he is, that adjustments every little thing.  It suggests at least he, and probably Basic Valentine, are not just attempting to cover up added-terrestrials on Earth.  Certainly, not even just functioning with them.  But … they are element of the invasion from the stars themselves.

If that is accurate, if this story of Project Blue Book is the aliens are not only currently right here, but in our government, how far does this go?  Is von Braun, the concentrate of final week’s episode, an added-terrestrial, as well?   Or, place otherwise, who is not?  Probably not Hynek or his wife, or Quinn, but perhaps Susie or her husband (now separated, or so she says).   No explanation the Soviets should not have added-terrestrials amongst them, if we do.

We’ll see what transpires in the weeks ahead.

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right here I am speaking Ancient Aliens a couple of years ago on the History Channel