Welcome to this Season Complete Ratings Table exactly where we attempt to collate all the Broadcast Ratings for the Primetime Shows that we cover.

You can see the 2017/18 Table right here.

And do not overlook you can see the total Ratings Database exactly where you can examine shows, seasons and networks and so on right here.

– These tables are just for the Broadcast Networks (ABC, CBS, CW, FOX and NBC)
– The % drop/obtain calculations are primarily based on show typical compared to their premiere episode.
– The tables will be updated when the preceding days final adjusted numbers are released.
– The Tables utilizes the Final Adjusted Ratings Numbers

We hope you discover this helpful. We’ll be maintaining these updated on a close to everyday basis. If you notice any missing shows/ratings or any other errors, please let me know in the comments.

This table will not be extremely precise till we have about three-four weeks worth of information.

18-49 Demo Ratings

By Total Demo Drop

By % Demo Drop

Prime Typical Demo

Complete 18-49 Demo A to Z

Total Viewers

By Total Viewer Drop

By % Viewer Drop

Prime Typical Viewers

Complete Total Viewers A to Z

Network Averages

Option Television Ratings Scorecard 2018/19

So right here is the complete table so far. Certainly shows with a low score are not undertaking extremely effectively and shows with a huge score are undertaking extremely effectively and are extra most likely to be renewed.

If you are new to ratings or nevertheless confused, we advocate you study this outstanding Ratings FAQ.

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