On Wednesday, Sarah wrote about Emma Thompson’s open letter and how her choice to quit Luck due to the fact of John Lasseter was privileged due to the fact she had the suggests and the sources to assistance herself and discover operate afterward. It was, on the other hand, an critical step due to the fact by getting the very first particular person to publicly challenge Lasseter following he generally walked into an additional C-suite job, she set a precedent and sent a message to the world– this sh-t shouldn’t and will not be tolerated.

Yesterday, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s episode was about sexual harassment in the workplace. Jake and Amy operate with a lady who actually breaks her boss’s penis when he tries to assault her. It is the sort of power I’m hunting for in 2019. Most of the episode dives deep into the nuances of the #MeToo and Instances Up movements. A pivotal moment in the show is when the survivor has to make a decision either to continue pursuing charges against her abuser or sign an NDA and take a huge sum of revenue. Amy convinces her not to take the revenue but is criticized by Rosa who points out that by pursuing allegations, her profession and monetary stability will likely be lost. It is the Catch 22 of several females discover themselves in, like these at Skydance with John Lasseter. 

Media and entertainment have the energy to shift opinions and educate the public en masse. One particular of the motives I adore Brooklyn Nine-Nine so substantially is due to the fact it does not shy away from significant, modern challenges. One particular of my all-time favourite episodes is the one particular that offers with the topic of police prejudice against persons of colour. Rather than addressing the matter in a clunky, heavy-handed manner, the writers handle to weave in complicated and layered challenges. In the race episode, Terry and Holt argue about the merits of maintaining quiet with the purpose of increasing in the ranks to make adjust in lieu of basically reporting the incident. It is an awesome commentary on the continuous struggle that persons of colour deal with each and every day. 

Most shows would struggle to transition from the significant main plot to a comedic secondary plot, but not B99, due to the fact of the way the show was set up from the get started. Comedy in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is in no way primarily based on demeaning other persons, which is why standing alongside a sexual assault storyline, it does not look in poor taste or disjointed. The trickiest character in the episode is Jake. Getting a straight, white, male character be central to a narrative about sexual assault is challenging. But Samberg walks that line expertly, working with the awkwardness of his character’s presence and ignorance to evoke some humour. At the correct occasions, Jake is extremely supportive and understanding. He demonstrates that you can nonetheless be portion of the movement by listening and supporting the females about you though educating oneself in the method. Jake Peralta is surely a non-problematic fav. 

The episode was directed by Stephanie Beatriz who plays Rosa. The episode was currently actually excellent, but this enhances it even additional. I believe it is empowering and smart that the show chose a bisexual lady of colour to direct. Stephanie brings a lot of point of view and expertise, which is a main purpose why the episode was so genuine and balanced. She is a talented director, but much more importantly, she was offered the chance to show that to the planet. B99 is an instance of how production in the modern day era must appear like. The show was renewed for Season 7 this week, a testament to how diverse casting, intelligent and relevant script writing, and female empowerment are marketable and preferred. Take notes every person!