Holby City star Dawn Steele reveals all about Ange’s assault…


As a Higher Court ruling is due in the Holly Cartwright case, Ange Godard feels the wrath of protesters outdoors the hospital. Dawn Steele tells us a lot more…

Dawn Steele reveals all about Ange’s assault in Holby City…

What effect has the case of brain-dead teenager Holly Cartwright had on Holby City surgeon Ange Godard?

“Ange is a medical doctor but also a mother, so I consider she actually feels this case a lot more than a lot of them and she actually feels for Holly’s parents, Ruth and Michael.

“She understands the predicament that they’re in [regarding turning off Holly’s life-support] but, from a health-related point of view, Ange knows men and women do not want to be kept alive by machines. Holly’s parents know that, as well, but you do not know, till you are in the circumstance oneself, how you would react.”

holby holly life support

Holly’s (Emma Curtis) parents are fighting to cease their daughter’s life-assistance getting switched off

Holly’s parents think there’s a lifeline for their daughter at a clinic in America…

“That’s suitable. Ruth and Michael really feel they’ve been offered a bit of a lifeline from the American medical doctors, who say they can support remedy Holly. This is equivalent to what occurred in the 2017 case of small Charlie Gard in that Holly’s parents are attempting to fight for a life that physically is not there any a lot more. Just like in that case, the press has got wind of it, men and women are protesting and the hospital is beneath stress.”

In subsequent week’s episode, the Higher Court is due to determine whether or not to turn Holly’s machine off or enable her to be moved to the clinic in America, and tensions are operating higher amongst protestors outdoors Holby. Does Ange really feel threatened?

“I do not consider she feels threatened profession-sensible. These are choices medical doctors have to make all the time. For the reason that it is such an critical selection, it is constantly going to be contentious is not it?”

When the Higher Court guidelines Holly’s life-assistance must be turned off, Holby boss Hanssen tends to make a statement to the media and Ange finds herself on the getting finish of some big hostility. What occurs?

“Ange has cold tomato soup thrown more than her. She’s rather a powerful lady, so she can cope with a bit of that but it is nevertheless rather shocking. I had to film that scene 3 occasions. Fortunately, I had 3 of the exact same outfits!”

holby city ange assaulted

Splat! Ange is in shock when an angry protestor throws cold tomato soup more than her…

Later, when Holly’s death is officially confirmed, pal and colleague Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) is really vocal in defending Ange to the baying mob. Is she grateful for his assistance?

“Ange does not hear a lot of Fletch’s speech, she just hears it by means of what other men and women are telling her. I consider Ange feels slightly on her personal. It is good to have someone’s assistance, so it is beautiful when Fletch measures in.”

holby city fletch hanssen media

Immediately after Hanssen tells the media about Holly’s death, Fletch (pictured left) defends Ange to protestors…

Later, we understand Ange is getting death threats – does she genuinely worry for her life then?

“I consider she does when that is revealed – I do not consider she’s ever had death threats at her operate ahead of. And it appears an individual else at Holby may also be in danger…”

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.


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