You know how bar/restaurant bathrooms are usually the spot exactly where you comprehend you are way additional drunk than you believed you have been, mainly because one thing about seeing your self in the mirror and giggling as you struggle to figure out how the tap performs appears to sober you up (crucial word: appears)?
The 1st scene of Fleabag’s season two premiere was a small like that, except our heroine had a bloody nose, a waitress sitting on the floor subsequent to her, and some hand cream as effectively as hand sanitizer (it was a fancy bathroom, OK?).

Fleabag was a single of 2016’s brightest new shows, and I am excited it is back. In between then and now, Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been involved (or will be) in around 346 projects that all sound equally attractive, and of course she’s behind Killing Eve, a single of 2018’s finest new shows. Not to mention, Olivia Colman has just won an Oscar and is back as the equal components delightful and awful Godmother, and Kristin Scott Thomas and Fiona Show (a Killing Eve vet!) will guest star. What additional could you want?

A year has gone by due to the fact we final saw Fleabag, immediately after the reveal of what in fact occurred to Boo. Claire ended up taking the Sweden job and moved there with her husband, who remains the most disgusting human getting this show has ever featured (and that consists of the recruiter guy from season 1). They have also provided up drinking (allegedly), and are attempting for a kid. We immediately discover this, as usual, is a façade due to the fact Martin ends up getting his usual drunken douche self. He clearly hasn’t forgiven Fleabag rejecting him and telling Claire he’d attempted to kiss her, so why Claire took him back and believed him more than her sister is baffling. But in these conditions it is usually less complicated to blame the other lady, rather than the a single perpetrating adultery, I suppose.

Dad and Godmother are engaged to be married (therefore the celebratory dinner and evening jumpsuit Fleabag is smartly sporting, as effectively as the priest who for some cause, has also been invited to dine), and a fur-wearig Godmother is getting predictably smug about it, while although also getting fairly snippy with Dad, who appears unusually observant and does not let her get away with it, for as soon as.

“Is that fur?”
“Yes, but it is OK mainly because it had a stroke.”

Godmother usually has superb comebacks, and this episode does not let down. I do wonder if they will make it down the aisl. Most probably Godmother will choose it is a naked wedding to go with her Sexposition theme. I, for a single, cannot wait to see it unfold. Fleabag, not a single to hide what she thinks, is getting unusually silent. Perhaps it is mainly because her father forgot her birthday and attempted to make it up to her with a coupon for a councelling session (seriously? This is even additional insulting than when a relative gave me a quote of the day calendar from her firm), or mainly because she and Claire are ignoring each and every other. “No one’s asked me a query in 45mn” she informs us although searching straight into the camera, à la Jim Halpert, evoking a feeling we’ve all been by means of in the course of awkward loved ones dinners with relatives who either ignore you or place you by means of a thorough interrogation.

“This sauce is DISGUSTING!”
“Everything OK?”
“Delicious, thank you!!!”

Ah, Claire. You and I have the similar politeness difficulties, I am positive she also apologizes when an individual methods on her foot. The priest appears a small uncommon for a man of the cloth, in that he swears (and smokes) and fairly frankly a single wonders exactly where on earth he heard the calling. Lots of smoke breaks later, Claire has disappeared to the bathroom for fairly a although and we uncover out she’s had a miscarriage but refuses to go to the hospital and alternatively breaks her no-drinking rule and becomes the life of the celebration dinner. Fleabag requires the fall and pretends it is her, generating Martin reveal just how significantly of a jerk he in fact is. Godmother, usually the doting would-be parent, desires to know who the father could possibly be.
“Was it the tooth man?” she enquires, with possibly my favourite quote from the episode.

The whole evening ends in a fight (hence explaining the injuries from the opening, while why the more than-zealous waitress was on the floor remains a mystery to this day), but Claire and Fleabag reconcile, and that is genuinely all that matters.

So are you all as glad as I am that Fleabag is back? Do you agree the priest was (inappropriately so) hot? Tune in for additional subsequent week!