Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14 Critique: Ouroboros


Jack is back, infant!

Jack barely flinched when he took down Michael in a single swift move on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14 with the exclamation that he was “the son of Lucifer, a hunter, and a Winchester.”

Who else screamed with glee when he created that epic statement?

Badass Jack - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

Wherever Jack has been for the final couple of episodes does not truly matter. He returned when the group required him the most (even if they did not know it) and created the most considerable influence of his life.

Michael is GONE!

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No additional of Dean obtaining to fight to preserve Michael locked up in his thoughts.

No additional of Dean obtaining to beat himself up repeatedly. 

And additional importantly, no additional need to have for Dean to have to bury himself alive at the bottom of the ocean.

Down with Michael - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

Plus, there is the bonus of Jack getting back to complete capacity which signifies no additional worry that he’s going to meet a way-as well-early finish.

It also signifies that there will be repercussions. Michael may possibly be gone, but some thing a lot additional hazardous will come in his location.

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Jack receiving back to a complete tank wasn’t a absolutely free pass. There is a explanation behind it.

My guess is that Lucifer has returned, and Nick is no longer Nick. Either that or The Shadow had some thing to do with it.

Dean Has a Savior - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

There is also the possibility that Billie could possibly be behind it (or a least operating with some other entity) mainly because these books displaying Dean’s fate have been lying. 

I mentioned ahead of that she created me suspicious and that this coffin in the ocean issue could possibly have just been a way for her to get rid of Dean mainly because the Winchesters are a discomfort in everyone’s ass.

Or Billie could be operating with Lucifer. It would not be surprising.

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Perhaps it really is some thing as uncomplicated as even if your fate gets written in stone, it does not imply that it cannot be changed. (Okay, I am stretching.)

Any way you appear at it, although, the joy the group is feeling appropriate now will be brief lived. That a lot is assured.

In addition to, although factors turned out nicely for Dean, it was a distinctive story for Maggie and the rest of the hunters.

Dean is Injured - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

They have not been about a lot, and it really is unfortunate they returned to the bunker at the most inopportune time mainly because when Rowena gave into Michael, there was no hope for any of them. 

Did Rowena seriously assume Michael would preserve his word? She ought to have identified far better.

I want Maggie would have been spared, but the group required culling, and as brutal as Michael’s massacre was, this was the most effective way to have carried out it.

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At least she had a opportunity to assist out with the Gorgon case ahead of almost everything came crashing down.

I normally appreciate a great old-fashioned monster hunt, and the Gorgon match the bill.

The Gorgon - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

It was also gross and reminded me of the old days of Supernatural. I do not know how numerous instances I had to turn away when the Gorgon was consuming eyeballs and cooking physique components.

Can you picture the smell when Sam, Dean, and the other folks walked into that initially guy’s property? Blech.

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The complete case was weird, but what was most disturbing is that it all seemed like a set-up that led to the finish of Michael and the return of Jack’s powers.

There was a explanation the Gorgon was telling Jack the story about the serpent and the chicken. And there is a explanation Jack nonetheless has the Gorgon’s snake.

Castiel Tries His Best - Supernatural Season 14 Episode 14

The episode’s title, “Ouroboros,” is telling. It is an ancient symbol of a serpent consuming its personal tail and signifies birth and death, the starting and finish of time, or renewal and resurrection.

Believe about that definition for a moment and my earlier statements about Lucifer and possibly Billie obtaining a hand in Michael’s death and Jack’s renewed powers.

Items do not occur by accident on Supernatural. There is normally a divine program regardless of whether it really is a single of great or a single of evil.

I hope for everyone’s sake that Jack will not turn into some thing evil. What he requirements to recall most is that even although he is the son of Lucifer, he’s also a Winchester just like he mentioned.

He’s going to need to have to hold on tight to that if he or the rest of the group will be in a position to survive what ever horror is on the way.

More than to you!

Have been you shocked at how swiftly Jack was in a position to destroy Michael?

Are you glad Michael’s story is more than?

Will Lucifer return? Is Jack protected?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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