Nepotism. Like you even have to ask.

Her voice is nothing special but I always tip my hat for people that can sing and play an instrument at the same time because that shit is hard.

Mte how they manage to do breathing control and know how to play everything in the right key is impressive.

Same, it’s impressive tbh.

She’s not that bad, a little sharp and it’s not like I wanted to keep listening, but with nepotism she could maybe release a record when she’s older lol?

cruise ship singer

Omg Love Boat. Watched that as a kid 😆

She’s a teenager now so I feel like this is probably some kind of subtle introduction to her music career from mom. She won’t be the least talented nepotism kid to try to make a career off their parent’s names.

Yeah idk could be just something she did while growing up. I think people have forgotten her mom won an Oscar for Chicago and did her own singing so it wouldn’t be a surprise if her daughter inherited some of that talent. Carys IG looks like a typical teenager tho, no music stuff.

Where’s Reese Witherspoon to crush her dreams?



Nepotism implies some material gain. She’s just a child whose mom posted a video of her singing.

Right? Wait till this kid tries to sell albums at least.

mte, this looks like some school event lol

She’s 15. Give it a few years.

And I can’t be mad at a kid (product of nepotism or not) who actually try to develop talent.
So many rich kids just badly walk in high heels and call themselves “supermodels” or take basic pictures on Instagram and call themselves “photographers”.

yeah, at least she’s playing the piano and shit

Yup. Not saying it won’t in future but at this point no.


Yeah I don’t get these comments

mte, and all moms think their babies are special. this is not a biggie.

Nepotism or real talent, ONTD?

More like your usual parents deluding themselves into thinking anyone but them thinks their offspring is super special when in reality they’re just pretty mediocre.

I appreciate that she’s playing an instrument tho.

damn these comments. can’t a mother just be proud of her kid??

Right? This is so harmless (at this stage). And it’s not like her posting this video is going to put any other singer out of a gig or something.

this omg lol

nnn tea

Not on ONTD

this child has an excellent hair cape and plays piano and i can respect that

Nepotism: The Next Generation

She’s 15 so she’ll start that modeling life soon.

She and Catherine have already done a magazine cover together, so.

She’s good! Her vocals have personality and it’s harder than it looks to play and sing simultaneously. Her voice is kinda theatrical… I think she’s really good for her age but also not every kid has to be a savant, you can grow and improve too.

She’s 15? I thought she was 8 or so.

This is obviously an old video lol

I meant in real life, obviously

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lmao oh I didn’t realize it was old, I was just like damn that’s a young looking 15

Well that makes more sense and lol at my comment below then.

It says: “My daughter Carys as a babe”
People never read.

At least she can sing and play the piano. Would choose her over any nepo model.