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Previously on Great Problems…

Rebecca created an abrupt departure and left Callie a beautiful note. Seeing that they have been cordial but not necessarily close the sentiments expressed sounded a tiny corny but it was sort of her. I was satisfied although with how the writers wrapped up her story even although I had been fooled into considering there would be anything involving Jesus and Rebecca. Ben is nonetheless about which is a bit uncommon, but I will say this, the writers are undertaking an exceptional job of not sticking to a specific plot that needs logical continuity. They are just letting everybody reside and have a very good time, which feels like every day life.

This week’s Re-Birthday is enjoyable and also pushes a handful of characters ahead in a pretty delightful way. Yes, Brandon shows up so randomly but has some of the very best scenes of the episode. He goes on a ride with Dennis, and they have this genuinely very good conversation. Brandon is not right here to satisfy our nostalgia, but his look is utilised to assistance Dennis make a selection that could be foreshadowing his future on the show. I am satisfied with what comes out of Brandon’s possibility pop up on a crazy evening with this crew. Also, I do not feel he will be back quickly even although he lives in Los Angeles and that is okay.

The coterie gang heads out for Davia’s twenty-fifth birthday that turns out to be a evening of truth bombs. Raj joins the celebration his increasing bond with Mariana will make your heart swell. I want these two to keep good friends, and if something is to come about involving them, it need to be organic and requires no pushing. The other Speculate males are nonetheless obnoxious even although their look in this episode is minimal I would choose they do not show up at all. Davia and Dennis are surely into every other, or there is anything there that they do not want to address and this episode anything blows up. Davia is an absolute manage freak and often has opinions about anything and everybody else, but she’s hurting, and I hope we get to see a tiny bit of care taken to assistance her address some of her individual concerns.

Sumi is about a lot lately which tends to make me wonder if she nonetheless has feelings for Alice. Points get a tiny hot in this episode. Alice requires to move on but occasionally the heart desires what it desires and in this case, getting a tiny puppet for Sumi is what Alice desires. Absolutely everyone is concerned about Alice, and you will see some solidarity that may be instrumental in nudging Alice to deal with her feelings. Malika appears to be heading into a connection but this show can not let something good stick so spend consideration to the conversation that she has with the “could be” boyfriend.

I feel or hope we have reached the point of the Gael and Bryan connection that will see them definitely be with every other. I am wholly confused as to exactly where this will go, but I require to see the writers attempt as a great deal as they do with Callie and Gael. I like Jamie and Callie collectively having said that, some of the events that transpire in this episode may be an indication that their connection will go the way of Brallie.


This show does not attempt to make its audience operate also tough, they are providing us just very good entertainment. Re-Birthday is a enjoyable episode, and it brought me a lot of giggles, so I hope everybody enjoys it as a great deal as I did.

There you have it a tiny sneak peek into tonight’s episode.