We truly are getting spoilt at the moment with higher-good quality Television comedy. The BBC has This Time with Alan Partridge and Fleabag at present airing, Channel four has Derry Girls and Dwelling, and now Timewasters is back on ITV2.

The very first series of Daniel Lawrence Taylors time-hopping sitcom saw a struggling jazz band get stuck in the 1920s following stumbling across a time machine in Peckham. This time about, the group are travelling to the 1950s  the era of the Windrush, Teddy Boys and the dawn of Rock n Roll.

At the outset of the new series, the band have all but provided up on music and gone their separate strategies. Horace (Samson Kayo) is mourning his nana, Jason (Kadiff Kirwan) has identified religion, or rather got engaged to a lady whos deeply religious, and Lauren (Adelayo Adedayo) is regional sales manager for a dairy-free of charge cheese firm. Jazz-mad Nick (Daniel Lawrence Taylor) seems to be the only a single who hasnt let go and is keen to get the band back with each other

Attempting to go back in time by just a week so that he can cease his nana from falling down the stairs, Horace accidentally lands himself and his mates in 1958, exactly where theyre straight away greeted by the sight of graffiti saying Hold Britain White. Nick despairs: Why are we in no way taken to a decade when black people today are liked? Lauren responds: What decade would that be?? And it isnt extended prior to theyve unwittingly prevented Horaces grandparents from meeting, which causes him to turn into a white, ginger man known as Martin (played byDaniel Rigby). Meanwhile, Jason is reunited with his 1920s lover Victoria, now played by Anna Chancellor, and Nick is significantly less concerned with Horaces predicament than he is with the booking hes got for the band at a renowned jazz club.

Whereas in series 1, Nick was constantly the a single most desperate to return to the present, in the 1950s he feels a lot additional at property and desires to use the chance to meet some of his musical heroes. The second episode includes him attempting to set up his personal jazz club, which of course backfires, whilst a lady who is seemingly a Russian spy (played by Ellie White) becomes suspicious of the groups 21st century technologies.

The very first series of Timewasters was an enjoyable watch and earned itself a BAFTA nomination for Most effective Scripted Comedy, but on the strength of these very first two episodes, the second series is even funnier. The cast provide major-notch performances (with this and Famalam on BBC3, Samson Kayo is undoubtedly a single of the finest comedy actors on Television at the moment) and the script has a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, like a wonderful exchange about Back to the Future and the operating joke of Nicks nerdy, borderline creepy obsession with jazz.

With the capacity to transport its characters to any time in the previous or future, Timewasters has endless possibilities, and its black central cast permits for a new, exciting spin on the time travel genre. Daniel Lawrence Taylor recently revealed that he has been speaking to LL Cool J about a possible US version of the show, and right heres hoping this wont be the final we see of it in the UK also.

Timewasters series two starts Monday 11th March on ITV2 with a double bill of episodes from 10pm