15 greatest no cost agent acquisitions of all time


Cliff Avril, Seattle Seahawks

Cliff Avril, Seattle Seahawks. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Pictures)

The present Seattle Seahawks are not constructed by way of no cost agency for the most aspect. But the history of Seattle football is not with no some really great no cost agent signings.

The Seattle Seahawks for the final numerous years have been constructed by way of trades and the draft. But every single group demands a great no cost agent signing, or 5. When Seattle won its Super Bowl in 2013, a major cause was due to the fact of two crucial no cost agent signees.

In reality, Seattle has not had any run of playoff accomplishment with no obtaining a no cost agent obtaining a major effect on that group. The Super Bowl years of 2005, 2013 and 2014 do not come about if Seattle does not make some intelligent signings of veteran players. Players like Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett and Robbie Tobeck.

Seattle is not anticipated to make a major splash this offseason in no cost agency. The group will in all probability direct their funds towards no cost agents that have currently been with Seattle the final handful of seasons.

In the previous handful of seasons, Seattle’s basic manager John Schneider has selected to not go for a major fish amongst the no cost agent pool. This may be due to the fact Seattle wasted funds a handful of seasons ago when they signed Cary Williams. So even amongst this list of great signings, there have been negative ones as nicely.

But this is a list of happiness and 1 in which we appear at players who produced their move to the Seahawks a productive 1 and helped make the group superior. Not these players are Pro Football Hall of Fame high quality, but Seattle didn’t require them to be. So right here is the list of the 15 greatest no cost agent signings in Seahawks history.


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