Pastor John Gray Addresses Rumors He Cheated On His Wife: I Had An Emotional Affair [VIDEO]


Pastor John Gray Addresses Rumors He Cheated On His Wife: I Had An Emotional Affair [VIDEO]

Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer Gray have set the record straight as rumors swirl about their marriage.

The couple stopped by The Actual and the co-hosts got proper to it when asking about John’s admission that he cheated on Aventer.

Co-host Adrienne Bailon asked John if he was ever unfaithful.

“No, I didn’t but more than a year ago my wife and I have been in a extremely tough spot in our marriage. And in that time, I started to converse with somebody other than a counselor, other than a pastoral leader, which is exactly where I should really have taken my difficulties and challenges. [I] started to converse and was even in the presence of that particular person a single time. But becoming in the presence of somebody is not the exact same as sleeping with them.”

He also addressed rumors that he has a secret like kid with the lady he allegedly cheated with.

“There’s no infant, there’s none of that. So it is vital for me to take duty for the places exactly where I did come short…sharing issues about my marriage outdoors of my wife and outdoors of my counselors is an emotional affair. It was incorrect. I take duty for that. But I will not take duty for that which I did not do.”

He added:

“As a pastor it is vital for persons to now that when I get up in that pulpit that I come not as a best man, but as a broken man. Which is why we talked about these extremely issues in the initial sermon of our church. Persons act like this is some thing brand new. But we’ve walked by means of this, we have peace, but persons do not. The genesis of this was more than a year ago, but we talked about this in May perhaps at our church. We’re moving forward, we’re believing God that this will be an chance for other persons to heal.”

He then reiterated that he never ever had a physical affair.

Through the video admission ahead of his congregation, John mentioned he was listening to the incorrect voices, and a single voice got as well close, and Aventer discovered out and

“set it off just like a superior wife should really.”

Aventer then known as out the “strange woman” and mentioned the mystery lady was capable to speak to an insecure younger John and get his interest.

Verify it out at the four:30 mark.

Also in the interview, he confronted rumors that he made use of his church’s dollars to acquire his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini for their eighth wedding anniversary.

“I wanted to do some thing that signifies what she signifies to me, and it didn’t come from everyone but me, my life savings. Not a single cent [was from the church], this is a man blessing his wife, mainly because that is what a man should really do.”

He mentioned he has effective Television shows, books, and other possibilities to generate earnings that permitted him to afford the luxury auto.

Aventer chimed in and mentioned they connected more than vehicles, and pointed out they never ever even posted it on Instagram.

“We would never ever place it out there mainly because we know that persons do not recognize. All of the timelines are off, we’ve been more than stuff… persons are just catching up. If persons do not know you, it could be a lot.”

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