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Coachella‘s legal battle with the Oregon promoters behind Soul’d Out Festival has come to an finish. The skirmish amongst Soul’d Out, and Coachella parent corporation Goldenvoice, commenced in Might of 2018 when 1 decided to sue the other. Suitable in time for the 2019 edition in April, having said that, a judge has thrown out the lawsuit.

The supply of contention in this case was Coachella’s notoriously strict radius clause, which stipulates that artists performing the fest cannot carry out in surrounding states (like Oregon) or counties from December till May—among other stringent things. Lawyers for the Goldenvoice occasion argued that they have been merely safeguarding the 1-of-a-sort knowledge they give to fans, although Soul’d out argued it hurt artists and surrounding events.

2018 and 2019 have seemed to be the year that megafestivals are place to the test. On the East Coast, Ultra Miami‘s move to the Virginia Crucial has been a subject of contention given that the notion was incepted, with the most current update involving a case against the City of Miami itself.


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