It is a Tuesday evening in Camden and KOKO is prepared, the musicians take to the stage, and the only word to describe the atmosphere is ‘GASSED’ for the final evening of his tour. Kojey Radical runs onto the stage to give a overall performance of a lifetime and he did not fail to deliver…

Hailing from East London, Kojey Radical does not conform to any distinct genre, he is a UK rapper, a poet, a performer, a grime artist, and a singer. The authenticity of his artistry can’t be denied. His conscious lyrics, with dynamic, afrocentric and ‘radical’ themes inspire transform and hope to his fixated listeners. Kojey and his group managed to develop an outstanding reside show that juxtaposed sombre spoken word interludes with outbursts of grime flows.

Continually, It was the passion and the power of the musicians that danced about the stage with him, that brought originality to the show. The rhythm of the drums, the electric guitar solos, and the sound effects of the keys created a accurate perform of art and a music knowledge that went beyond just a rapper performing his songs on stage. Wretch 32, Ghetts and Etta Bond had been just three of the surprise guests that took to the stage to make the evening unforgettable for anybody who was there.

Lastly, this visual masterpiece and the electric atmosphere designed by way of genuine and actual interaction with the fans, has lead me to think that this is just the starting for Kojey Radical.

Words by Amie C

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Amie Croft