If there’s a band that beautifully epitomizes what old college underground Thrash and Death Metal are all about, that band has to be the ruthless Brazilian 4-piece outfit Torture Squad who, considering that theirinception in the distant year of 1990 in the city of São Paulo, a metropolis with pretty much 20 million people today positioned in the southeast area of Brazil, has been fighting for heavy music and remained loyal totheir foundations, even with all the adversities in a nation exactly where metal is far from becoming a common genre. Carrying a potent name inspired by the song “Death Squad”, by American thrash retailers

Sacred Reich, and obtaining currently released seven studio albums, two reside albums and 3 EP’s, it is time for Torture Squad to attack humanity after once more with an additional sensational blast of classic intense music, titled Far Beyond Existence, the eight complete-length release in their strong and thrilling profession.

Featuring a somber and ominous artwork by Brazilian artist Rafael Tavarez (who has currently offered his brilliant art to various other bands all more than the planet such as Dark Ministry, Vulture and Moonkult), Far Beyond Existence is the initially complete-length opus by Torture Squad to function the she-wolf Mayra “Unread” Puertas as their lead singer, as nicely as Rene Simionato on guitars. As a matter of reality, while the talented Mayra and Rene currently released final year an EP with Torture Squad, the great Return of Evil, it is now with the band’s new complete-bodied installment that they have all the space required to showcase their refined skills as musicians and their utmost passion for all points intense. And they additional than succeed in their mission as you will see when you start off listening to this incendiary album of Brazilian Intense Metal.

Created by Wagner Meirinho

Mixed & Mastered

Wagner Meirinho, Tiago Assolini, and Torture Squad

Cover Artist 
Rafael Tavares

Mayara ” Undead ” Doors  –  Vocals
Rene Simionato  –  Guitars
Castor  –  Bass
Amilcar Christofaro  –  Drums





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