‘Big Brother’ alum Elena Davies cries more than Mark Jansen split: He shattered my heart, I took him for granted and am nonetheless obsessed!


Large Brother alum Elena Davies is opening up about her split from Mark Jansen, revealing it wasn’t a mutual selection.

“Mark and I are no longer collectively,” Elena announced on an episode of her The MiscELENAeous Podcast, according to Entertainment Tonight. “It really is fairly clear that I have been pretty dumped.”

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Elena, 28, dated Mark for a year-and-a-half soon after meeting and falling in enjoy on Large Brother’s 19th season.

Mark very first revealed the breakup of “Marlena” in a lengthy YouTube video final week.

“Really like does not just disappear, correct along with the man who leaves you,” Elena reportedly lamented.

“I genuinely did not want to give up. And I fought genuinely tough for him, and I guess I did not fight quickly sufficient, or tough sufficient, and I did not place in sufficient till it was as well late. But I did fight for him till the pretty final moment.”

Elena then dropped a bombshell that “the pretty final moment” of her partnership came when she “discovered out he had moved on with a person else from Tinder.”

Mark, a 27-year-old fitness trainer, admitted he had moved on from his romance with Elena mainly because he could no longer deal with her pessimistic attitude and the reality she spoke ill of him and their partnership on social media as nicely as in her personal podcasts.

Elena acknowledged the year 2018 was a challenging one particular for her emotionally, and she reportedly got choked up when sharing her side of the story.

“There was not one particular day that that man woke up and questioned the depth of my enjoy for him. I did not normally show it the correct way, but he knew I loved him,” Elena stated on her podcast, according to ET.

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“I was not a great girlfriend. I took him for granted a lot of occasions. There are a million methods I wasn’t the companion he deserves, and if I could go back and modify so substantially I would. I am sorry I saw him as a assure and I let him down, but I in no way did not enjoy him.”

Elena reportedly added she and Mark are “pretty diverse persons,” which did not assistance points.

“I consider that level of disconnect and some inability to correctly communicate and actively listen at occasions led us to exactly where we are now,” Elena shared.

The couple had been living collectively in Elena’s hometown of Dallas, TX. When Elena and Mark completed filming Large Brother in September 2017, he relocated from Buffalo, NY, to be with her.

Elena stated it was tough for her to just share the “great occasions” with her fans when life is not great. She would typically criticize Mark as becoming “far from Prince Charming,” which he admitted was “a gut shot.”

“I consider that romantic culture has been ruined by fairy tales,” Elena reportedly explained. “Not one particular single individual in this globe is dating Prince Charming.”

Elena noted the pair had been fighting for a although and so neither of them wanted to renew the lease on their shared residence when it was up, resulting in their selection to split and portion methods.

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“I consider navigating any partnership is tough. Navigating one particular that began on reality Television with a individual that is your polar opposite, and lacking the luxury of privacy was just some thing that, I guess, Mark and I could not deal with,” Elena noted.

“I loved Mark. I nonetheless enjoy Mark, a f-cking lot — oh, what a turn of events — and my heart is completely shattered into a million pieces.”

Elena admitted she feels it is “not possible at occasions” to survive this breakup.

“The only factor finding me via these tough days is recognizing I can survive mainly because I’ve survived prior to. Also, vodka. Also, Xanax. Also, my great close friends and family members,” Elena stated, according to ET.

Elena, having said that, will hold on to the delighted memories she shared with Mark going forward.

“Memories with him are some of my favored memories. And I have in no way knowledgeable a level of euphoria or bliss or happiness that I have when points had been genuinely wonderful and great with Mark. I was obsessed with that man. I nonetheless am,” Elena confessed.

“I wanted to be the girl of his dreams so terrible. I hope to in no way have a podcast like this once more.”

For the duration of the former lovebirds’ time in the game, Mark heavily pursued Elena although she pushed back in order to steer clear of becoming viewed as a energy couple in the Large Brother home.

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It was tough to inform if Elena reciprocated Mark’s clear feelings, but she appeared to fall for him gradually more than time.


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