by Woody on February 28, 2019

photo by Barrett Emke

It has been a blast watching Kevin Morby move from album to album continually pushing the limits and attempting new stuff. He is a musical visionary and we’re fortunate to have him cranking out albums at such a pace. Here’s some far more information from the PR group.

All through his previous perform, Morby has noticed the ubiquity of an apparent religious theme. Although not identifying as “religious” in the slightest, Morby recognizes in himself a somewhat spiritual getting with a secular attitude towards the soulful. And so, in an work to tackle that notion head-on and after-and-for-all, he sat down in his type of church—on planes and in beds—and wrote what would grow to be his 1st accurate notion-album. If Singing Saw was Kevin’s LA record, and City Music was his ode to New York City, then Oh My God lives in the sky, above the climate, each nowhere and everywhere at after.

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