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Ticket costs are out of handle. Nothing at all shone a spotlight on that additional clearly than the BLACKPINK basic sale for Wembley Arena.

I want to preface this with: I’m a enormous BLACKPINK fan and I was so excited to hear they have been coming to the UK, immediately after years of watching them from afar on YouTube – but this also explains my disappointment, also.

When it was announced that the four-piece have been to play Wembley Arena, Blinks across the UK rejoiced – and then we located out they’d be playing in Manchester also it was like Christmas and my Birthday had come at as soon as.

Let me paint a image for you:

The morning of the basic sale arrived. 

I was still riding out a cold but I was committed so I had four alarms set.

Two laptops have been open, a tablet and three mobile phones are PRIMED.

Ticketmaster refreshed. 

Adrenaline rushed by way of my veins.

Bankcard was in hand.

There was about a 5-minute wait and a lot of baited breath till I produced it by way of to ticket choice. At this point I was going to take What ever was available…

I do not basically bear in mind my precise reaction to reading the ticket costs but I like to assume it was a pained whimper.

I’ve purchased costly tickets to gigs just before, and I had comparable moral dilemmas then also. For instance, I saw BTS in October final year but, in my thoughts the boys had a enormous physique of operate to draw from so there was higher justification for the ticket price tag – so the worth for income was there. That is the most I’ve paid for tickets to see a single artist. Prior to that, I purchased weekend (non-camping) tickets to V Festival (RIP) for £150. 

I want to really feel like I’m supporting the artists I appreciate but at times it feels like I’m additional probably lining the pockets of a person sitting in a boardroom someplace. 

Yeah, I’m salty.

I’ve currently got FOMO.

My plea is quite very simple. Please can future tours be reasonably priced. My concern is twofold, firstly it feels like egregious extortion of fans to charge additional than a weeks rent to assistance acts they’ve only been in a position to admire from a distance. Secondly, if k-pop acts turn into identified for charging extortionately at their UK shows, then media might spend significantly less interest to their difficult operate, and start off taking a keener interest in the finances of these shows. 

I sincerely hope that when GOT7, MONSTA X or Stray Youngsters come to the UK, I can nonetheless afford my post-health club Orangina, and everyone that is traveling from outdoors of London is not necessary to devote upwards of £200 for a gig ticket and a hotel space.

TLDR do not ask us to take out a tiny loan to see our favourite artists execute.

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