SPOILER ALERT – not that you will truly study any plot points since, well… since of the following meeting:

… exactly where the CAPTAIN MARVEL writers had to pitch their story to studio executives.

SCREENWRITERS: Okay, 1st off it is an origin story. Captain Marvel or Vers or Carol is on some planet someplace in the desert and then she’s in a futuristic city and somebody is teaching her to be a warrior and we study there are very good aliens and negative aliens and the negative aliens want to do some thing negative but need to have some fabrazabber to do it, what ever it is – take more than the galaxy and shit. Yeah, they want to take more than the galaxy. And they can modify into something they want so they’re really hard to obtain.

Oh wait, her teacher/Yoda/Liam Neeson variety guy tells her her 1 flaw is she lets her feelings get in the way. How fresh is that? We haven’t observed that character beat due to the fact at least 2016, possibly earlier.

And here’s the factor: Captain Marvel has all these fragments of memories that are all entirely random and confusing but cool and possibly we obtain out what they are but for now we neglect about that and send her on a mission to do some thing someplace and it does not go nicely for some explanation and she winds up in a rocket pod that lands on earth in 1995. We do a scene exactly where she lands in a Blockbuster Video, which is possibly the greatest concept ever in the history of films. Can you envision? Are not you just hysterical considering about it? She walks down an aisle and picks up THE Suitable STUFF. The audience will laugh for twenty minutes.

Okay, so now she’s on earth attempting to get to a secret Air Force base since she employed to be in the Air Force but does not know why or when, which is fine since we do a huge vehicle chase for no explanation and have an action sequence on a Metro train exactly where she’s chasing men and women she thinks are negative but they get away but we meet Nick Fury so we neglect that the Metro sequence was superfluous. But cool.

Nick aids her. Oh yeah, she’s attempting to obtain out some stuff about somebody and he aids her. But it is not quick since a bunch of negative guys show up and there’s a huge obligatory fight scene. Oh oh oh… forgot to mention – we introduce a cat. Actual cute. And we’ll obtain a way to make it essential and cool.

Now the very good and negative aliens land on earth. We show a bunch of flashbacks, and Captain Marvel is nonetheless hunting for answers so she goes to the finest pal she remembers she has when he need to have her to keep in mind that. The pal will be African American since Captain Marvel is not. Oh, and she has a daughter that will peg the cute meter. She and Captain Marvel will bond of course. Except she’s not Captain Marvel however.  She’s nonetheless Carol or Vers. 

Now comes a handful of plot twists that you have never ever observed before… in this franchise.

Oh, along the way there will be funny ironic lines – at least 1 each and every fifteen minutes. Cannot be cool with out funny ironic lines.

At this point we attain the third act. They get the fabrazabber. Captain Marvel becomes Captain Marvel. The small girl tends to make her a function model. Captain Marvel kicks significant ass and we do a giant cluster fuck of a sequence that requires spot in outer space, on earth, in other galaxies, space ships, dimensions – the beauty is we make it so complete of specific effects that no one cares exactly where they are or what objective any of this is serving other than seeing Captain Marvel beat the shit out of everybody. Which she does. 

Of course we do a dogfight like each and every STAR WARS film, video game variety laser fights, mega explosions, and ‘90s pop hits since that worked so nicely in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Needless to say we’ll have a lot to wrap up so we figure the film will finish 5 occasions, possibly six. And it goes with out saying we’ll set up a bunch of sequels.

Whattaya believe?

STUDIO HEAD: That sounds like you merely stitched with each other each and every trope from each and every superhero and space adventure film and thrown them with each other in a blender. You have jammed in each and every cliché and there’s not a moment that is remotely original. And it will in all probability expense upwards of 150 million dollars.

SCREENWRITERS: Brie Larson desires to do it.

STUDIO HEAD: You have a greenlit film.

Hey, I went to see it.