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New Metric Media, the independent production firm behind Hulu’s hit series “Letterkenny” and the common Netflix series “Bad Blood”, has optioned the rights for several projects from 3 renowned authors like bestselling Criminologist Dr. Michael Arntfield (“Murder City: The Untold History of Canada’s Capital of Serial Homicide”), veteran author and Toronto Star’s lead investigative reporter for organized crime Peter Edwards and popular on the web personality Anne T. Donahue, announced nowadays by Mark Montefiore, President, New Metric Media.

Primarily based on the book by most effective-promoting accurate-crime author Dr. Michael Arntfield, “Monster City” divulges the accurate account of the serial killers who terrorized Nashville’s music scene for more than 3 decades in current history — and the cold-case Murder Squad determined to bring an finish to the sadistic killing sprees of ‘The Motel Killer’, ‘The Quick Meals Killer’ and ‘The Rest Quit Killer’ amongst other people. An business-top consultant on crime trends and emerging forensic methodologies, Arntfield is attached to seek advice from on the project. Monster City is published by Little A, the literary fiction and nonfiction imprint of Amazon Publishing.

New Metric Media is extending its partnership with Peter Edwards, at the moment serving as an Executive Producer on the hit Television series “Bad Blood” which is primarily based on one of his books. The indie prod-co will create several tv series to develop the “Peter Edwards Universe”, primarily based on optioning the rights to a choice of his novels. Some of his most notable books below the deal involve “Unrepentant: The Strange and (At times) Terrible Life of Lorne Campbell, Satan’s Decision and Hells Angels Biker” and “The Bandido Massacre: A Accurate Story of Bikers, Brotherhood, and Betrayal”, each of which had been national bestsellers as properly as upcoming titles such as “The Wolfpack” to be published by Penguin Random Residence this year.

 “Nobody Cares” is a frank, funny individual essay collection by the author of common newsletter ‘That’s What She Said’ Anne T. Donahue.  The prolific and raw memoir about operate, failure, friendship, and the messy organization of getting alive in your twenties and thirties also deftly tackles the topic of mental overall health. As she shares her tough-won insights from screwing up, developing up, and attempting to come across her personal path, Anne’s essays offer you all the honesty, laughs, and reassurance of a late-evening telephone contact with your most effective pal. Donahue is attached in the adaptation.  “Nobody Cares” is published by ECW Press.

 Michael Arntfield is repped by Sohrab Merchant at The Characters, Grace Freedson at Grace Freedson’s Publishing Network and Danny Webber at Hall Webber LLP. Peter Edwards is repped by Juliet Forrester from Prime Left Entertainment and Premier Artists’ Management. Anne T. Donahue is repped by Addison Duffy at UTA and Carly Watters at PS Literary.

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Greg David

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