Ever considering that we discovered that the Whisperers would be creating their look on The Walking Dead, we’ve been waiting for them to stun us with their horrifying brutality, significantly like their comic book counterparts. Small did we know that the most disturbing Walking Dead episode in season nine (so far) would have practically nothing to do with the zombie-masked survivors, and almost everything to do with a buddy of Michonne’s from back in the day.

Season nine’s 14th episode, “Scars,” tells the story of Michonne’s intense distrust toward strangers, the X branded on her and Daryl, and just how far she’s prepared to go for her kids. “Scars” straddles the previous and the present, often flashing back to showcase how earlier events have led to the state of Alexandria right now. In the present, Judith grapples with her mother’s reluctance to trust any of the many communities and maintain Alexandria away, whilst in the previous, a heavily pregnant Michonne searches for any sign of her “dead” companion. When she returns to Alexandria, there is a new survivor who just so occurs to be her higher college buddy, Jocelyn! And she has a merry band of fellow survivors — who all come about to be kids — that she desires aid rescuing.

Ahead of you freak out asking yourself if Jocelyn appears familiar simply because she’s been on the show ahead of, I can assure you she hasn’t. But actress Rutina Wesley is certainly a familiar face, particularly to supernatural-lovers whose guilty pleasure was HBO’s dark fantasy horror Correct Blood. She’s also starred as Nova Bordelon in OWN’s Queen Sugar considering that 2016. But Wesley’s a single-off function as Jocelyn in TWD is a lot extra sinister than her dance with vampires in Correct Blood. In a flashback, we see Jocelyn and Michonne bond more than a couple of weeks as the expectant mother confides to her about her search for Rick, and Alexandria appears complete of happiness and hope. But clearly, that does not fly in TWD, and almost everything goes to sh*t.

Michone comes a single evening to uncover that Jocelyn and her wards have all gone missing, as effectively as Alexandria’s meals shops, health-related supplies, and kids, which includes Judith Grimes. For some purpose, only Daryl and the incredibly pregnant Michonne go immediately after the youngsters and wind up having knocked out when they track them to an old college. The two wake up, tied up and dangling, to uncover that Jocelyn has been teaching her Kids-of-the-Corn-seeking charges to be feral hunters. They “mark” their prey ahead of they kill them, major to Michonne and Daryl’s brands, and it really is all an try to teach them now to be “soft” in a globe exactly where that is generally a death sentence. Thinking about how several youngsters have gotten got on this series, she’s not specifically incorrect.

Danai Gurira as Michonne, Luke David Blumm as Linus, Joey Simon as Mitchell, Jessi Goei as Gina, Elle Graham as Winnie - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

In the finish even though, Jocelyn should really have been teaching these youngsters about simple preservation abilities alternatively, simply because when Michonne and Daryl are capable to escape, Michonne slices the other lady clean by way of with her katana. Rather than run away from the angry mother wielding a sword, the youngsters make a decision to attack her till she’s forced to attack them back. Apparently, they believed they truly stood a opportunity against a mother attempting to save each her kids? Little ones these days. Whilst we realize the moment was actually her life or theirs, it really is nonetheless quite bonkers to see Michonne standing in the center of a ring of dead kids.

On a single hand, that is completely a Walking Dead theme — great men and women (or seemingly great) use survival as a purpose to go incredibly left immediately after the apocalypse. Poor Michonne had to kill a bunch of youngsters to maintain Alexandria’s youngsters protected, and it really is triggered her present self to be extremely reclusive. Which tends to make a sort of sense, if we ignore the reality that she’s been guarding her neighborhood from their personal loved ones (ignoring the reality that Maggie and Daryl carry a bit of guilt more than how Rick “dies”). Back in the present, Michonne realizes that Judith is proper and they make the move to catch up with the other people to give them a lift to the Kingdom. It is seemingly the initially step to reconciliation for the communities, and it really is sweet seeing as how a big chunk of the episode featured the slaughtering of a pack of youngsters.

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