Usher Desires Herpes Accuser’s Healthcare Group To Testify About Her Well being History In Civil Suit

Legendary singer/dancer/actor Usher is continuing with his efforts to prove his innocence in his ongoing civil suit that alleges her gave a lady herpes immediately after a sexual encounter. According to Bossip, Usher has requested that the woman’s healthcare group take the stand with regards to her overall health history—concluding that he wasn’t the one particular who gave her the sexually transmitted illness.

Usher has been maintaining himself quite busy these days functioning on his very-anticipated new album that has paired him with the similar heavyweights who contributed to the accomplishment of his record-breaking, Grammy award-winning album Confessions. Nonetheless, he’s also been dealing with an ongoing civil suit stemming from accusations that he infected Laura Helm with the herpes virus back in 2017 immediately after they had two sexual encounters.


Helm is nevertheless actively pursuing her lawsuit, but Usher has continued to fight back and dispute the claims. His most recent act of defense requires wanting Helm’s healthcare group to testify about her healthcare history in the try to prove that she was currently infected with herpes ahead of she had sex with him. Earlier this month, Usher’s legal group officially subpoenaed Helm’s healthcare group to testify about her general overall health.

Usher is in search of testimony from Helm’s medical doctors in each Atlanta and New Orleans. Also, he desires the healthcare centers exactly where the medical doctors are employed to present Helm’s healthcare records from 2012 to the present. The records request contains, test benefits, prescriptions, diagnoses, payment records and medical professional communication records. The chart-topping entertainer also requests that Helm’s medical doctors are questioned with regards to their understanding of herpes, which includes how it is treated and stopping it from spreading.

The data obtained from the testimony, will enable Usher’s lawyers to use it in his defense in the suit. The civil suit also seeks damages and a trial by jury. Helm’s medical doctors are set to officially testify in April.

As current as March 18, Helm’s attorneys had but to file any depositions following the new developments. Nonetheless, it is rumored that her legal group program to also request Usher’s healthcare records by subpoenaing his medical doctors.

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