Substantially like final year’s class, the 2019 NFL draft is loaded with talented operating back prospects.

If your preferred NFL group requirements a physical, elusive runner who carved up some of the nation’s finest defenses in the Major Ten, Penn State’s Miles Sanders could be the ideal match.

Sanders lately spoke exclusively with MCM about his combine practical experience, what he discovered from Saquon Barkley and what I could come across on his pre-game playlist.

JM: How would you grade your all round overall performance at the combine?

MS: I believed I place on a terrific show. I felt that I did truly great out there basically. I was complete of self-confidence. I felt quite smooth out there. I had been practicing the drills for a great when now. I knew what to anticipate. I believed it was a terrific practical experience and I’m satisfied with my all round overall performance.

JM: Is there something you are hunting to strengthen on at your pro day?

MS: I just will need to continue carrying out what I did out there. I wanna catch the ball smoothly at my pro day and show them that I’m a pass catching weapon as nicely. I just wanna go via the drills smoothly. I will need to be smooth when moving about the cones and what not. Just tiny items like that. I will need to be extra effective in my movements.

JM: How would you describe your operating style?

MS: I consider I’m incredibly elusive and physical. I do my finest operate in between the tackles. I can break tackles and develop right after make contact with. I have the speed in the open field to take any run to the home. I can catch the ball out of the backfield. I didn’t get a possibility to showcase my getting abilities a lot this previous year but I appear forward to proving I can deal with that at the subsequent level. That was 1 of my primary ambitions going into the combine.

Sanders created defenders appear silly on a constant basis all through the 2018 season.

JM: Are there any operating backs that you enjoyed watching increasing up? Perhaps somebody that you model your game right after?

MS: I grew up watching guys like Reggie Bush and Barry Sanders. There’s a lot of existing operating backs that I get pleasure from watching as nicely. Saquon Barkley of course, that is my guy ideal there. Ezekiel Elliot and Le’Veon Bell are two apparent ones. I get pleasure from watching the guys I can take into account to be generational talents. I like all of the prime operating backs.

JM: Speaking of Barkley, what did you find out from playing behind him?

MS: Watching the way he prepares for a game would be the primary issue. He’s an absolute specialist. He watches so a lot film. I discovered so a lot from him in that division. He carries himself like a specialist each on and off the field. I was often selecting his brain, even the tiny items. Becoming about him was terrific for me.

Substantially like Barkley. Sanders routinely picks up chunks of yardage when he hits the outdoors.

JM: You returned kicks at Penn State. What do you get pleasure from about carrying out that and do you hope to do it at the subsequent level?

MS: I’m prepared to do what ever it requires to make the group and get on the field. As far returning kicks goes, returning or punts or playing on the hands group, I can do it all. I do not thoughts carrying out it. It does not truly matter to me. I just wanna operate and create any way that I can.

JM: You have had a lot of terrific teammates all through your time at Penn State, but if you have been going to war tomorrow and could only bring 1 with you, who would you bring and why?

MS: Ah man. That is challenging. I would have to go with K.J. Hamler. That is my guy ideal there. I’m confident you can inform he’s the smallest guy on the field. He performs so really hard although. He plays with his heart on his sleeve. He does not take any plays off. His work level is the exact same when he has the ball and when he does not. That is what tends to make him particular to me.

JM: What would I come across on your pre-game playlist? Do you listen to music prior to a game?

MS: Yeah, I like listening to music prior to a game. I listen to all of the rappers that everyone else listens also. Guys like Future, Young Thug, Migos, Gunna, NBA Youngboy and Lil Child.

JM: What’s your preferred Future album?

MS: I’d have to go with his HNDRXX album.

JM: I have to go with Dirty Spirte II, personally.

MS: Oh yeah, that is a terrific answer. His old stuff is awesome also. I just believed the Future album and the HNDRXX album, he dropped these back-to-back and I like them each.

JM: I’ve appreciated your time now. Miles. In closing, when a group drafts Miles Sanders, what type of man are they having?

MS: They’re having a man that is about his company. I cannot wait to get to operate. I’m gonna come in every single day and have a good influence on these about me. I’m gonna come in every single day with the attitude that I have to get much better now. I have to be much better than I was the day prior to. I cannot wait to contribute on Sunday.