The Jane the Novela pilot presently in improvement at The CW will function a familiar face from the Jane the Virgin family members. Ivonne Coll, who plays Alba on the flagship series, is heading to the spin-off in a entirely new part. According to Deadline, Coll will be playing Camilla, the adoptive mother of the initial season’s heroine Estella (Jacqueline Grace Lopez). Camilla “would do something to shield her daughter and the life they have constructed, even lie to her,” according to the website.

Jane the Novela is created to be an anthology series, and every single season would be primarily based on a book written by Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), the lead of the original series. The possible initial season centers on a familiar adore triangle that finds Estella torn involving her longtime safety guard boyfriend (Remy Hii) and a wealthy wine seller (Hunter Parrish). It really is just like Jane’s adore triangle, but with a handful of tweaks.

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The reunion involving Coll and the Jane inventive group will not be the only reunion in the pilot, although. Teen Wolf‘s Holland Roden has also joined the cast as Felix’s animal-loving sister. She appeared opposite Coll when the latter did a stint on the MTV supernatural series. Coincidentally, Teen Wolf lead Tyler Posey had his personal recurring part on Jane the Virgin, in Season four. The globe of Hollywood is extremely compact.

Coll’s involvement in the pilot also brings up a bigger query if Jane the Novela is picked up to series, although. Could other Jane actors also show up to play new roles in Jane’s novels? Certainly there is a meaty Petra-inspired character that Yael Grobglas could come sink her teeth into, correct?

Jane the Virgin Season five premieres Wednesday, March 27 at 9/8c on The CW.

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