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Two albums, two opposite ends of the psych spectrum, each great….and each from the identical steady. ZOFFF have been undeniably one particular of THE standout acts at the Liverpool Psych fest final year, following on from the excellent ‘Kozfest MMXVI’ album on Drone Rock final year. May possibly sees the release of a new album ‘FFF’ and this time it is the amazing Deep Distance label that plays host. Crayola Lectern is the “piano-primarily based oddness” of Chris Anderson (“a automobile to see Chris Anderson by way of to the (hopefully not as well) bitter finish. A creation to develop old inside. A safer location exactly where nurture, kindness and generosity of spirit do not go punished and exactly where generating a issue is unfettered by convention, exactly where opposites attract and exactly where nonsense holds its personal wisdom”) who also wields the bass in ZOFFF, certainly the line-up for each is fairly a great deal the identical: Alistair Strachan, Damo Waters and Bic Hayes with Jon Poole and Bob Leith becoming drafted in. For the finest description of what they sound like – “what psychedelic music would have sounded like had the Edwardians invented it.” …intriguing. The new album, ‘Happy Endings’, is “an optimistic appear at death” and is out on June 1st by means of Onomatopoeia Recordings.

‘FFF’ has six tracks, all with one particular word and somewhat esoteric titles – speaking to Chris from the band about this and the title of the album, he remarked “The title FFF hints at ‘very loud’ in musical terminology and is a bit of a light-hearted, subconscious prod to men and women to spell the name ideal (lots of men and women spell it ZOFF).The titles of the tracks are phonetic spellings / pronunciation of the letter F in distinctive languages.” So now you know!. ‘Ye’ gets issues going, opening with some pulsing electronica and blasts of melancholic brass which combine to produce an atmosphere wealthy in dread and foreboding. This scene setting is a bit of a red herring truth be told a tattoo of drums interrupts the warbling electronics and heralds the onset of a sublime ten minute epic that flits amongst groove filled kosmische jams and thoughts-bending electronica. It is a track that under no circumstances settles, alternatively continually morphing and evolving…it is a genuine trip (in what ever sense of the word you care to decide on). ‘Vav’ requires that identical standard recipe of kosmische jams and synths but sprinkles it with lashings of motorik goodness and the outcome is a scrumptious and deeply hypnotic track that is as erudite as it damn groovy. ‘Har’ is a quick (three min) affair but appears to pack a good deal into a quick quantity of time….pulsing bassline, metronomic drums, oscillating electronica and adequate spacey effects to soundtrack a year’s worth of NASA docs. ‘Dig’ opens with some eastern tinged horns and a fizzing hum redolent of vinyl static. The track as a entire has the really feel of a groovy, jazz informed krautrock quantity with the skittish drums and melancholic horns but the tiny flourishes of electronica and subtle underlying drones add a distinctive dimension. ‘Ca’ is a quick but uptempo track with a glorious motorik rhythm and a spacerock vibe going on, my only complaint is that just a tad more than two minutes it is way as well quick. ‘Zeta’ closes the album with a laid back jam – a pulsating bass dominating issues and supplying a groove laden framework more than which the guitar weaves its spells and some cacophanous electronic effects give issues a spacey vibe. The electronica grows in intensity till it is really a great deal centre stage, throwing the listener off-kilter and the track becoming akin to the soundtrack of a psychotic thoughts, but then sanity is restored and the chilled jam of the starting sees the track to its logical conclusion.

‘FFF’ sees ZOFFF carrying out what they do finest, namely improvising about a theme and playing with the tropes of psych and krautrock – there is nothing at all predictable about this album and surely, to me, that is a really very good issue. That the guys in the band are superlative musicians is a provided (once more, if you have ever noticed them reside…wow!) but what is heartening to me is this willingness to bend and construct on ‘accepted’ structures and sounds. In quick, ‘FFF’ is bloody very good! It has fairly a great deal every thing you require from an album. The word on the street (properly, Dom from Deep Distance) says that 7th May possibly is searching most likely as a release date so maintain your eyes firmly affixed to the Deep Distance Facebook web page right here for specifics.


As pointed out, Crayola Lectern and ZOFFF are fairly a great deal interchangeable personnel sensible but they truly do sit on the opposite finish of the psychedelic spectrum but each exceptionally engaging. Even though ZOFFF are major on improvised jams, Crayola Lectern are really a great deal primarily based on the three minute song, nevertheless each play with and stretch the parameters of their selected structure. ‘Happy Endings’ opens with ‘Rescue Mission’ and what a delightful to get started it is…piano and horns combining to generate one particular of these exquisitely English pastoral psychedelic songs that created the late sixties such a joyous time…the vocals have a distinctly Robert Wyatt vibe to them that lift this from becoming what is primarily really a melancholic song into one thing else totally…beautiful stuff. From there on in we are treated to a succession of bittersweet musings which go from the stark melancholy and piano primarily based ‘Submarine’ to the whimsical and jolly ‘Lingeron’ calling at all stops amongst. There are some genuine oddities thrown in for very good measure – ‘Barbara’s Persecution Complex’ is primarily based on some old fashioned ragtime piano which is accompanied at varied time by brass, higher pitched buzzing like a wasp caught in a glass and some electric guitar. It is conclusion is a cinematic opus of crescendo, brass and emotion…a genius piece of songwriting disguised as one thing frivolous and light. Elsewhere we have the folky ‘Giant Moon Up In The Sky’, the bombastic and prog primarily based ‘Lux’ and rounded off with the quick but dense and multilayered ‘Finale’.

I truly enjoyed ‘Happy Endings’, it is an album that, in spite of its topic matter, continually brought a smile to my lips. It harks back to a easier and a lot more innocent time and for that I salute Crayola Lectern, nevertheless it has a lot more concepts on one particular album than some artists have in a profession and Anderson is entirely unafraid to just go with his instincts with regard to structure and instrumentation. Lyrically it has liberal doses of humour, whimsy and irreverence even though also obtaining a keen edge at instances. For these who avidly gather every thing that Fruits de Mer place out, cast your nets a bit wider and feast your ears on this – it has that identical wide-eyed splendour that a lot of the FdM artists have. ‘Happy Endings’ is out June 1st by means of Onomatopoeia Recordings. While there is no media obtainable just however for ‘Happy Endings’, you can get a very good thought of what to anticipate from this, the debut album ‘The Fall And Rise Of… Crayola Lectern’…get pleasure from!

The Fall and Rise of… by Crayola Lectern