Goat Girl are a London primarily based, alt-rock band who earlier this year released their self-titled debut album. In spite of all of the singles becoming superb pieces that melded grunge, rock and a couple of other genres into the melting pot I identified that the album by no means genuinely resonated that deeply with me. Due to the singles although I’d currently booked a ticket to see them, so I was excited to see how the album translated to the stage. That was till it was cancelled on the day of the occasion due to the drummer falling sick, this was in march and the day ultimately rolled about which they’d scheduled.

With their goat heads on poles on stage and the lighting of The Cookie it was a dreary affair, and the morbid sounds of Goat Girl’s music added to the darkness of the atmosphere. It was as enticing as it was thrilling to see a band that had been so into their personal image of dark music that it conveyed onto the stage. With their socially charged tracks and their potential to stir this atmosphere it created Goat Girl such a brilliant band to see reside, but they might just be an acquired taste.