She came, she parked devoid of permission, was punched, and produced a tonne of enemies. Welcome to Casualty medical doctor Archie Hudson!

There’s nothing at all like generating a fantastic impression. And it is protected to say new Casualty registrar Archie Hudson did nothing at all like generating a fantastic impression when she joined Casualty this week.

Here’s almost everything we know about new Casualty character Archie, played by talented Television newcomer Genesis Lynea

Guidelines are produced to be broken

Elle has her eye on Archie

Elle has her eye on Archie

From the get-go it is clear Archie is not huge on guidelines, regulations or authority. Ahead of the titles had even rolled Archie bailed on her induction day, providing course instructor Gregory her frank views on why it was a total waste of her time to boot!

This choice comes back to haunt Archie, nevertheless, when she discovers that devoid of a employees ID – which she need to have picked up at the induction – she does not have access to employees parking or the hospital’s very important personal computer program.

She cons Connie – but not for lengthy!

Connie offers Archie a harsh warning on her initially day

Archie has transferred to Holby from Leeds exactly where she was a specialist trainee. Elle Gardner concerns why an individual with Archie’s qualifications would make such an uncommon profession move, and it quickly becomes clear.

By the finish of the episode Archie has confessed to Connie that she became a whistle-blower at her final hospital when a pal ended up committing suicide right after gross mismanagement. The admittance comes just in the nick of time. Connie agrees to hold her on, but will not tolerate any much more secrets…

Who desires pals?

Duffy is not a fan of Archie's bedside manner

Duffy is not a fan of Archie’s bedside manner

Archie has a unique talent for irritating colleagues. Elle’s unimpressed with her more than-ambitious attitude and attempts to dominate Resus. Extra surprisingly Duffy calls Archie out on her dismissive attitude of individuals. Archie may well not realise the significance of this, but it is a genuine shock for viewers – Duffy’s one particular of the most tolerant characters in Casualty!

Even nurses David and Robyn, the friendliest people today in the ED, look to be maintaining their distance. Fingers crossed for a run-in with Dylan quickly!

Public enemies

Connie makes it clear - one more strike and Archie is out!

Connie tends to make it clear – one particular much more strike and Archie is out!

Archie is as adept at charming individuals as she is at generating function pals. Ahead of her initially shift has ended, Archie tells impatient patient Trina (Medical doctors and Corrie star Donnaleigh Bailey) specifically what she thinks of her, resulting in an official complaint! As far as Connie’s concerned, one particular much more complaint and Archie can pack her bags.

That mentioned, a further patient later thanks Archie for her challenging method to his therapy. You win some, you drop some… either way, with Archie it is constantly intriguing!

Is she a boxer?

When a male patient punches Archie she barely flinches and impressively carries on treating him! Archie’s challenging attitude earns her the uncommon, begrudging respect of paramedic Jan Jenning. Could the continually intriguing Archie have some boxing expertise?

What’s in a name?

When a patient teases Archie about her name, she reveals she chose it herself. Does this imply she’s changed her name at some stage? And if so, why? Curiouser and curiouser…

It is been an action-packed introduction. Diagnosis: Genesis Lynea’s screen presence is stellar and we cannot wait till Archie’s subsequent shift!

Casualty continues on BBC1 on Saturday