Cynthia Bailey Addresses NeNe Leakes Calling Her Out On Social Media

If you have been watching this season of the NeNe Show True Housewives of Atlanta, you are conscious it is NeNe Leakes against, nicely, everyone. Even former bestie Cynthia Bailey did not escape unscathed. Worry, not Cynthia, you do not stand alone. NeNe has an attitude toward everybody! How generous.

NeNe not too long ago took to social media and shared her thoughts about Cynthia and the demise of their friendship #restinpowerfriendcontract. Ultimately, Cynthia responds to NeNe’s outburst and for as soon as, she appreciates the shade.

NeNe had some harsh words for The Bailey Agency owner throughout an Instagram Reside post. Calling her “sneaky and underhanded” was the tip of the iceberg. For her portion, Cynthia says she will often assistance NeNe.

Cynthia told Web page Six, “I’ve often been a buddy to her, and if she’s truly my girl like she’s claimed to be my girl then we could get previous this,” Cynthia mentioned. “But I noticed she was wearing my eyewear, even though, so I need to have to tag Cynthia Bailey eyewear. I appreciate that. It is fantastic when we assistance each and every other even when we’re mad at each and every other.”

COME By way of, CYNTHIA! Throughout her tenure on RHOA, this has to be the funniest point she has ever mentioned. I bow to her subtle saltiness. I hope in my cold, snarky heart NeNe did not intend to bestow this marketing moment for Cynthia since the shade (pun intended) was as well fantastic.

Moving on from her a single moment of brilliance, Cynthia admits NeNe was suitable when she mentioned the reunion got a small messy. “It just got a small bit difficult for me, but I just personal my truth, and mentioned what I had to say,” she mentioned. “But it is going to be a fantastic reunion. I’ll inform you that,” Cynthia explained.

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Speaking about the reunion antics to Us Weekly, Cynthia says the keyword is accountability (exactly where have we heard this prior to). Cynthia described the challenge by saying, “It was accountability and taking that,” the model, 52, stated. Cynthia added that it is “not untrue” the former Glee actress has difficulty owning up to her blunders. NeNe not owning up to blunders? Nicely, I never…

Nevertheless, Cynthia retains a level of maturity when speaking on her former BFF. “I have practically nothing undesirable to say about her,” she says. “I hope that we speak about it and function by means of it … I feel we can. I hope we can move previous it.”

As for NeNe, she is nevertheless blaming everybody else for her paranoid delusions justifying her actions. No matter whether it is bashing Cynthia, vilifying husband Gregg Leakes, or other cast members daring to venture into her closet. NeNe discussed the incident with Andy Cohen on the WWHL aftershow. “No, I did not [overreact],’ she mentioned at the time. How [are you going to] overreact in your personal dwelling? … You do not have the suitable to go by means of my residence, open up my doors, my closet, my pantries, none of that, you would really feel [disrespected] … when you come to my residence, you are not going to disrespect my dwelling. So, they have been not in the suitable.”

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Am I alone in questioning what was in NeNe’s closet she didn’t want filmed? Does she have an comprehensive collection of Golden Girls swag she’s embarrassed about? Or even worse, Coach bags? THE SHAME!

What we do know is the reunion ought to be quite epic. If the normally boring demure Cynthia claims to “look a small crazy”, everybody else need to be totally off their rocker. I cannot wait!


[Photo Credit: Annette Brown/Bravo]