Reside Assessment: Neon Waltz, Liverpool


Reside Assessment: Neon Waltz, Liverpool

Neon Waltz, Phase 1 Liverpool, 17 March

Words and Photographs: Gary Lambert

Do you ever have 1 of these gig nights complete of surprise? I can honestly say I’ve hardly ever been caught out as considerably as I was when Neon Waltz played at Phase 1 in Liverpool. A Sunday evening at an intimate gig ordinarily indicates pretty a toned down affair, but I had forgotten that everyone who had ever been in the very same pub as a Guinness was celebrating St Patrick’s Day and as a consequence there had been a lot more than a handful of men and women wearing wacky headwear as they swayed via the venue’s doors. To be sincere, I’d have thrown them out for zany behaviour but apparently that just tends to make me a grinch rather than a seeker of sartorial requirements. Potato, tomato.

If I have ever wanted to offer gig goers with an instance as to why they ought to turn up to gigs as early as probable and catch all the music they’ve paid for, then Gus Barreteau would be precisely the man to use. As quickly as he began to sing there was a slight breeze in the area brought on by everybody’s mouths dropping. His European accented voice was attractive. The sort of sweet toned vocal which leaves you blinking like you have looked straight into the sun. Straight away I went searching for my telephone as I assumed he will have to have been a touring artist more than in the UK to help Neon Waltz. I was attempting to operate out how considerably of a massive factor he was back at dwelling. I was really shocked to discover out that we had been in his dwelling. Even though he is a French musician, he is primarily based in Liverpool and was just the help for this 1 evening. I was expecting at least 500,000 streams on Spotify, not <1,000 to be displaying. I could not advocate listening to him any larger. Particularly if you are feeling the effects of moody skies and miserable climate as his voice consists of all the serotonin you obtain from feeling the effects of a late summer season sunset by the beach.

That wasn’t the largest shock of the evening even though. When Neon Waltz took to the stage, they had been not the band I believed they had been. I do not know who I was receiving them mixed up with, but if you are an all female electronic trio from London I apologise for not remembering your name from, I feel, Kendal Calling a handful of years ago. I’d even walked previous the lead singer on the street outdoors the venue earlier and remarked that he “looked like he’d be in a band”. I felt completely mortified and I had no clue about what sort of music would be coming subsequent. What came subsequent was completely fucking amazing! I was completely blown away by the 55-minute set of Neon Waltz which in the greatest probable way left you wanting a lot more. Their music sounded a great cacophony of tradition, experimentation, and an unwillingness to keep inside the box. Every single time I believed I had figured out Neon Waltz, they turned me upside down without the need of sounding like a band browsing for an identity. Their keyboard sound in unique flicked from driving riff to psychedelic swirls. My camera was immediately locked away, and I prowled about the venue taking in the band from all angles, engulfed in a thing new in the functionality each time I moved spec.

It was a evening of surprises, and the evening I found a really particular band.


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