Watch: A Los Angeles tattoo artist has developed tattoos you can hear


1 tattoo artist is turning the visual art into an audio medium as nicely getting developed inkwork that you can listen to.

LA-primarily based tattooist Nate Siggard has constructed what he calls soundwave tattoos that use a companion app to turn audio recordings prospects make into soundwave patterns which can then be inked on to skin.

This pattern is then provided an overlay which can be study by your smartphone camera and the device then plays back the audio, enabling customers to “listen” to their tattoo.

Siggard has currently demonstrated the technologies by developing a soundwave tattoo of his girlfriend saying “I adore you” and their infant gurgling.

Skin Motion app
(YouTube/Skin Motion)

He has now developed his personal enterprise primarily based about the technologies – Skin Motion – and plans to operate with tattoo artists about the globe to build soundwave styles, certifying them in the course of action as Skin Motion artists.

The Skin Motion app is set to launch subsequent month.

Siggard mentioned the concept was very first place to him by his girlfriend just after two mates had the opening line of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer tattooed on themselves, and she pointed out how “cool” it would be to be in a position to “hear” the inkwork.


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