Black holes are spacetime regions exhibiting such robust gravitational effects that practically nothing – even light — can escape. Our understanding about black holes is starting to develop, following LIGO’s current detection of gravitational waves – offering the initial direct proof that black holes exist. And a Columbia University astrophysicist believes black holes give an unprecedented chance for mankind to discover the galaxy at close to-light speed – and aliens could currently be harnessing their energy.

British scientist Professor David Kipping explains his Halo Theory’s goal, telling Express.co.uk: “It is really attainable an sophisticated alien civilisation could be possibly exploiting this interstellar highway program.

“We must be considering how we can detect that and how we could oneway jump on board the program.”

And this Halo Theory would try to harnessing black holes’ incomprehensible energy.

“We would fire a beam of light straight at a moving black hole – it does have to be moving for this trick to operate.

“If you chose just the appropriate angle of the black hole – if you hit the occasion horizon, you will fall into it.

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“But if you go into the side of it, you will skim about the outdoors, the beam of light will come back at you, just like a mirror.

“The analogy I like to use is visualize a physical wall coming towards you and you throw a ping pong ball at it, the ball bounces back quicker, for the reason that it is coming towards you.”

And for the reason that light can’t travel any quicker than light speed, it gains power in a diverse way.

Professor Kipping stated: “This light ends up performing two factors: the laser beam can give a spacecraft a slight push when its fired and when the laser returns it offers a further push when it hits you.

“The laser beam also returns with extra power that you place into it, so you can recharge your batteries.”

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There is a true will need to attain these intense speeds for the reason that the galaxy is so substantial.

The galaxy is 100,000 light years in radius, so it is vital if you want to to travel amongst the stars.

Even the nearest star is 4 light years distance, so even with the quickest rocket, it would take 20,000 – 30,000 years to attain.

Professor Kipping explains: “We would like interstellar travel to take centuries-lengthy time scales at least, possibly even decades time scales.

“And if you want to do that, you will have to get close to the speed of light – and the Halo Theory supplies a indicates of attaining that.

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“If you want to attain these speeds devoid of a Halo Drive, it will price substantial amounts of power.

“So why not get that astronomical power from an astronomical physique?”

The British scientist believes an sophisticated civilisation could utilise the galaxy’s sources to propel them lengthy distances.

“And the argument right here is an sophisticated alien civilisation could be making use of the roughly 10 million black holes in the Milky Way.

“So these black hole could represent way points, like a highway program, and these are also no cost travel, but you would have to spend the one particular-time charge to get to the initial black hole.”

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Nonetheless the scientist thinks it is unlikely for his Halo Theory to be realised in his lifetime.

“I want to market the concept in my scientific colleagues that we must be considering of making use of stars and our Sun as a indicates of attaining the types of power that we will need.

“It is quite tough to construct something in the close to future that could possibly realize the power levels we are speaking about right here.

“But stars naturally realize that.”

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