EU says passport stamps, queries at the border are ‘increasingly likely’ beneath no-deal Brexit situation


Published 22:46 March 25, 2019

Updated 22:46 March 25, 2019

The European Commission completed its preparations for a no deal divorce with the UK, a prospect that appears increasingly most likely, according to the bloc’s newest assessment on Monday.

At the commence of a different vital week for Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May well should make a decision if her EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement will be place on a third vote this week,  specifically soon after Brussels agreed to delay Brexit by two weeks.

France, The Netherlands, and Belgium have among them hired two,000 new customs officers to cope with the no-deal situation. These officers will employees 20 new border posts that have been constructed in these 3 member states, in addition to Ireland, Spain and Denmark.

All are confident they’ll have needed measures in spot by March 29,” writes the EU executive’s strategy.

Option backstop or ‘hard border’?

Particularly on the Irish border status and regardless of whether there is going to be visible checkpoints there, the EU official added that “controls have to be completed exactly where they belong” but “that does not imply we’d want to see visible infrastructure. We’re operating quite closely with the Irish authorities to attempt and execute controls away from the border if at all achievable.”

“In a no deal situation there would be disruptions to provide chains and trade,” the EU said in response to the query about an option Irish backstop, adding that the bloc is, “working with Irish authorities so controls can be the least intrusive achievable. But this is nevertheless a predicament that is fundamentally various from the predicament with the Withdrawal Agreement.”

The European Commission suggests there will be some type of a hard border on the island of Ireland if there’s no deal. Brussels is actively operating with Dublin to streamline the border checks, but they will not remain 100% open.

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