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Elizabeth Colour Wheel opened for Fórn roughly a year ago in Brooklyn and it was amazing. It was right away 1 of the most impressive and terrifying performances of my life. I was floored by how they fused several genres with ease. They combine all the things from doom and grindcore to post-punk and harsh noise. Elizabeth Colour Wheel radiate intensity. They started at Berkeley College for the duration of their refining early days and bloomed into some thing grandiose and effective. Consequently, their 1st complete-length album, Nocebo, is a testament to all that is heavy, stunning, and twisted.

This complete-length debut is forward-considering heavy music at its finest—bombastic but it nevertheless retains its DIY edge. Creating for action-packed destructive music that pulverizes skulls. Nocebo showcases all the band has achieved in a extremely short time. It is a amazing listen proper from the opening moments of “Pink Palm.” Lane Shi’s scream provides some thing so purely effective and in several techniques sonically exceptional and just a single aspect of record that pushes far beyond any expectation of what the band may well be capable of. It nicely captures their reside performance’s sense of controlled chaos. Elizabeth Colour Wheel teeters on the cusp of some thing great—something which continually demands listeners’ complete consideration.

Nocebo stuns in its immaculate conception. Elizabeth Colour Wheel thrive exactly where potent and perfected guitar tones lurk beneath tortured vocals. 1 may well generally consider that fusing a litany of genres like this is a recipe for overambitious disaster. However, the band pulls it off. The execution on each song is close to fantastic, with no any dragging moments. Even a track like “Bedrest”—whose dark ambient musings are fascinating—feels like it is completely placed. Digging by way of this record feels like journeying by way of a forgotten landscape.

Some moments are stunning, other people are brutal. Via it all although it is a delight to adventure in. The emotional energy of these songs is fascinating. Years of torment and anguish look to drag the listener down, just as driving punk rock grooves act as a kick back into reality. It is clear that these guys are fucking superior at what they do, however it under no circumstances comes off as pretentious. Rather than mucking about with prog metal components like so several of their Berkeley peers, the punk property smear under no circumstances very wipes off the band. They continue to develop and fascinate, speaking to a bigger than life sense of sonic poetry. The devout fan of heavy music is going to locate a lot to sink their teeth into. This is a band who make just as a great deal sense opening for The Remedy as they do Napalm Death.

In quick: this is an absolute crusher. Nocebo showcases a selection of weird sounds fused into 1 potent mixture. It is a record that speaks to the musicians’ talent, personalities, and education. Couple of records in 2019 look to embody the modern day state of punk rock as properly as this 1. Although at instances Elizabeth Colour Wheel can really feel scary, at other people they are comforting. There is a clear intent behind it all and the album’s flow was clearly a critical consideration right here. What we have right here is an album that desires to continually push for new heights. To search for new vistas and to prove that otherworldly combinations of heavy music can stay effective, fascinating and virile.

Certain, there are dense moments. If listeners are not heavily invested into this planet they in all probability will not get the fall in like with the grinding madness that comes on a track like “34th.” There is a higher bar of entry. But then this record in all probability is not truly for them. This is a record that brings individuals face to face with their personal humanity. With the prospective to modify the face of punk rock, Elizabeth Colour Wheel is the forward-considering music we require in 2019. Nocebo is a actually impressive statement. This is the band who make years of squatting in punk homes really feel worth it. They are the validating force behind each artsy punk rock band who under no circumstances did something. Nocebo crushes all comers get prepared.

Score: 9.five/10

Choose up Nocebo from The Flenser now. 

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