The World Premiere of 'Surviving Christmas With The Relatives' held at the Vue West End - Arrivals    Featuring: Chloe Goodman  Where: London, United Kingdom  When: 21 Nov 2018  Credit: Mario Mitsis/WENN.comChloe Goodman has had half of her cervix removed, following the results of her first smear test [Wenn]

Celebrity Big Brother and Ex On The Beach star Chloe Goodman had to have half of her cervix removed after having her first cervical smear test at the age of 25. 

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Chloe said: “I was diagnosed with grade three abnormal cells which is one stage before cervical cancer.

“It was my first smear at 25 so it was so not what I was expecting.”

Various celebrities attend The Sun Online's Love Island Final Viewing Party    Featuring: Chloe Goodman  Where: London, United Kingdom  When: 30 Jul 2018  Credit: WENN.comChloe Goodman’s smear test results showed grade three abnormal cells [Wenn]

Chloe revealed that her abnormal cells were not a result of the HPV virus, which can be passed through sex. 

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She explained: “Not everyone has to have HPV to have abnormal cells. It’s just down to genetics.

“People who have had the HPV vaccine will think they won’t need to have a smear but that’s wrong, you can be like me and generally have the cancer cells.”

Chloe Goodman has opened upChloe Goodman has been told that she may struggle to have children[Chloe Goodman/Instagram]

Chloe is now urging women to get their smear tests, while she also wants the age lowered from 25 to 21. 

She said: “100 per cent lower the age, I’m quite angry that it’s not at 21.”

Speaking about her own experience and diagnosis, Chloe said: “They [the doctors] panicked, I saw it in their faces that they panicked with how severe it was. If it is that severe, the age needs to be lowered.

Amelia Chloe and Lauryn Goodman Seen at Shocktober Fest Tulley's Farm    Featuring: Chloe Goodman  Where: London, United Kingdom  When: 06 Oct 2018  Credit: WENN.comChloe Goodman is urging women to have their smear tests [Wenn]

“I would say don’t be ignorant, just because Jade [Goody]’s passing was 10 years ago doesn’t mean women are not being diagnosed every single day.”

Test results last month showed that Chloe has had no more abnormal cells develop in her cervix, but she could struggle to have children in the future. 

She said: “It made me have to have a chat with my boyfriend Grant about having babies sooner as obviously I may not have a cervix left.

Danniella says the fate of her friend Jade Goody has made her want to fightJade Goody died from cervical cancer in 2009 at the age of 27[Mike Marsland/WireImage]

“Getting rid of half the cervix is more likely to cause an early or premature birth as the cervix is what keeps the baby in.

“The doctors warned me ‘If you get past the three months marks you’re not out the woods yet, it’s possible you will have a premature birth’.

“I was in tears for days when they told me but my boyfriend is also quite black and white like me, so we were pragmatic about it and will see what our options are and make decisions if and when we need to.”