The Right2Know public stress group (R2K) has slammed the South African public broadcaster more than its alleged “blackout” of coverage of shocking xenophobia attacks in the country’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

“We strongly condemn the current destructive and violent attacks on foreign nationals in KwaZulu-Natal,” says R2K in a statement.

“The circumstance has reached a stage exactly where we get in touch with on government and leaders to refrain from generating utterances that can fuel anger and hate which as we see are resulting in widespread violence.”

“We get in touch with on political leaders to refrain from a narrative that seeks to propose foreign nationals as the difficulty in this nation which we view as an unfortunate try to divert focus from the genuine frustrations and genuine challenges faced by communities,” says R2K.

“We can’t permit a circumstance exactly where foreign nationals are applied as a proxy for political battle”.

R2K says “At present, there are violent riots, stone throwing, trucks looted and burnt, vehicles set alight – a circumstance far from below handle with no confirmed arrests. The time is now for the government to publicly show their concern for the events as unfolded in KZN.”

“There is a substantial scale destruction and looting of foreign-owned shops and locally owned assets.  These xenophobic attacks are clearly not only an attack on foreigners but on South Africans also.”

“The SABC blackout on this news is building a false sense of safety,” says R2K.

“The reality in KwaZulu-Natal is becoming published by way of social media platforms and neighborhood radio stations. People today have the ideal to be informed of occurrences that effect their lives.”

“The public is walking into an ambush by not becoming informed of these spates of violence. As a national broadcaster, the SABC is mandated to broadcast our realities.”