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With all the deserved focus surrounding DeMarcus Lawrence, an additional Dallas Cowboys‘ defender also has a looming contract situation that could bring about concern.

The Dallas Cowboys have a severe situation regarding a single of their defensive pillars. You currently know this. It is just not the guy you assume it is.

Yes, the Cowboys and defensive finish DeMarcus Lawrence are playing a extremely higher-priced game of chicken proper now as it pertains to a extended-term deal. Exactly where they are at the moment at and exactly where they want to be are two entirely unique areas. That subject is for an additional column, nonetheless (spoiler alert: it is coming shortly).

Now, nonetheless, we’re going to concentrate on the other defensive star with a quickly-to-be looming contract situation. Soon after the 2019 season commences, cornerback Byron Jones becomes a no cost agent. Numerous troubles surround his future with the Dallas Cowboys. It is my job to dissect these and offer you an opinion primarily based on pure information for you, the reader. Let’s get to it.

There are a couple of clear motives why maintaining Jones would be a extremely sensible selection. 1st and foremost is the reality that he will be on the fantastic side of his prime years. In the course of the very first month of the 2019 season, Jones will turn 27. All points regarded, he most likely has at least 3 to 5 fantastic years left prior to he declines.

One more cause it would be a fantastic notion to lock Jones in to a extended-term deal revolves about how he has handled his time in Dallas. The Cowboys have not precisely performed proper by Jones as it pertains to permitting him to flourish. In the course of his rookie season, he bounced back and forth among cornerback and security.