Not also lengthy ago we ran my all-22 evaluation of Buffalo Bills absolutely free-agent security-turned-linebacker Maurice Alexander. I’m not 1 to shy away from what I mentioned and to be blunt I known as out Alexander for his tackling and gave examples of exactly where poor kind led to difficulties with execution.

Due to time constraints and the recognition that injuries and time can come knocking rapidly, I’ve established that I strongly choose the most current readily available season. In Alexander’s case, this was 2017. Though I stand behind my technique it is absolutely not foolproof. Alexander caught up with us on Twitter to point out he had considerable injuries that would have hampered his 2017 season. With Alexander pointing toward 2016 as a much better year, let’s take a second appear to see if I had it incorrect.

Play 1

Due to the fact Maurice Alexander’s tweet focused on my tackling assessment, that is exactly where we’ll be spending our time. Frankly mentioned, this is not a tackle I’m confident 2017 Alexander tends to make. The tendency to lead extra with the arm/bicep tends to make it significantly tougher to make the wrap. The initial boom of the shoulder is stronger than the 2017 tackles and the arms snap and wrap. A single tackle is not definitive, but so far that entire injury point seems to have been a valid point.

Play two

This tackle appears extra confident than the 2017 tape. Yet another genuinely fantastic wrap and we’re beginning to see a trend.

Play three

Just like Play 1, that shoulder effect is much better than 2017 and the arms circle about and are tenacious. The slide is pointed out but not as a adverse. The angle of attack tends to make the slide most likely, but Alexander’s arm does not slide away like I pointed out just before.

Play four

The GIF calls it. This is a globe of distinction from 2017. Effect, wrap, performed. The heels/ankles of the ball carrier are collectively when he lands. This is an additional tackle I do not assume 2017 Alexander would have pulled off.

Play five

This is not fairly the identical style of tackle but the wrap and run by means of the opponent is some thing you wouldn’t count on to see with a considerable shoulder injury. It is protected to say that at this point I’m in agreement the injuries had been a aspect in 2017.

Play six

A single extra for the road, this is just flat out not some thing I saw in 2017. The clip says “nearly rugby style” to point out that the angle is a small extra head on and the arms do not wrap up (verify out this Seattle instruction vid if you can). To be fair to Alexander, he’s shown these factors above, but the angle of attack right here does not function nicely for some of these approaches.


I make a habit of checking for injuries that would hamper play but this time I missed it. My apologies to Maurice Alexander as it is normally the purpose to give absolutely everyone a fair shake. The tackling kind involving the two years is demonstrably diverse and making use of just the 2017 film undersold his capability. Aside from tackling, the healthier Alexander looked significantly less tentative all round (with fantastic cause) and was all about a much better player. There are nonetheless queries surrounding Alexander and how he’ll match into the Buffalo Bills’ plans, but if he returns to 2016 kind it is a far nicer outlook than I initially presented.