Babymetal Will Release a New Album in 2019


There exists a conspiracy amongst MetalSucks readers that we post about Babymetal for the clicks. Although it was correct that in the band’s early days they had been click gold, that is no longer the case (folks appear to have gotten more than the novelty), and it was in no way the motivator of our relentless coverage of Japan’s greatest metal export in decades: we are genuinely big fans! Their debut was my #1 album of 2014 for a cause, no troll.

Prior to we go any additional, absolutely nothing in this post is an April Fools’ Day joke.

So: Blabbermouth reports that Babymetal will release a new album in 2019, and that they have a handful of performances scheduled in Japan this summer season. You may possibly recall that Yuimetal left the band final year to launch a solo profession right after missing some reside dates in late 2017 and initially pushing the line that she was nonetheless a member of the band (just taking a break), which means Babymetal’s upcoming work will be their initial as a two-piece (not counting the backing band — which must totally be counted). It’ll be exciting to see how that changed dynamic impacts the band’s sound, but my guess is not considerably, if at all the reside show may possibly appear a bit diverse, but the Kami band will nonetheless be writing the music. I consider the larger query is this: will the album recover from the sophomore slump The Resistance brought in 2016? The debut was so, so very good, but the former fell a bit brief for me.

Some thing to appear forward to as 2019 inches towards summer season.


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