Naked Gun: Swedish Policeman Lauded For Nude Bath Arrest



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A spa take a look at turned additional sweaty for a wanted criminal, who was arrested by a naked policeman.

A Swedish police officer managed to arrest a criminal on the run from justice, whom he stumbled upon in a steam area in a sauna in Rinkeby, the tabloid everyday Aftonbladet reported.

The wanted man was earlier sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment for attempted violence against civil servants, gross negligence in traffic, illegal driving and minor drug offences. He also had an array of previous convictions. Even so, when he was due to serve his punishment, he did not turn up, and was since wanted.

Though he viewed as himself completely protected inside a steam area in a spa in Stockholm, this was not the case, as there was a policeman in the extremely very same area, who arrested the wanted man despite being off duty. 

“Each had been right here as customers. When the policeman saw the man, he came and mentioned that no one particular really should go in or out. Then he named for reinforcement and took him”, the owner of the bath told Aftonbladet, calling it “poor luck” for the wanted man.

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The arrest was undramatic, as the cornered fugitive no longer attempted to flee.

“We are everywhere. Even if you do not see us, we are nevertheless there”, nearby Rinkeby police chief Christoffer Bohman rejoiced on Facebook, lauding the naked arrest.

“Dear colleague who kept his head cool even when it was hot in a potentially hazardous scenario and despite the reality that you had a day off and had been relaxing in a spa. And while you had been in a cramped area with a chased criminal, you managed to pull of an arrest considering of everyone’s very best interests”, Bohman continued, lavishing praise upon his fellow police officer.

Rinkeby is element of Greater Stockholm, with 15,000 inhabitants. It is noted for its higher concentration of immigrants, with 90 per cent of residents getting a foreign background. Due to the specific prominence of the Somali diaspora, it has been nicknamed “Tiny Mogadishu”. Rinkeby has also been placed on the list of “very vulnerable” places due to high crime, urban blight and unemployment.


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